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'You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Though I realise
It's hard to take courage
In a world, full of people…
But I see your true colours shining through…
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colours, true colours…'

These lines are taken from one of the hit songs of the 1980's– “True colours”. True indeed, as each one of us can be described by a colour! That is to say, our personality traits can be portrayed by colours. Just as the red and blue colour litmus tests identify that a particular chemical is acidic or basic in nature, our personality can be understood better if we are aware of our personality colour.

So, this time let us discover which colour out of Gold, Orange, Blue or Green best describes us and also the traits of these colours.

You need to go through two rounds to find your personality colour:

Round 1: Ask yourself:

1.            What defines me the most?

                a.                            I am organised 

                b.                            I am generous and realistic 

                c.                             I think a lot  

                d.                            I like to make friends

2.            How do I perceive any situation?

                a.                            I am prepared

                b.                            Let's do it

                c.                             I go for why

                d.                            I think of how it would make others feel

3.            In relationships…

                a.                            I have conservative views about love and             marriage 

                b.                            I thrive for people who share my interests 

                c.                             I seek the company of those who allow me to focus my energy on my career

                d.                            I seek harmony and warmth 

4.            At work…

                a.                            My hard work and tactics of handling situations lead me as the backbone for the organisation

                b.                            I am satisfied if it allows me independence and freedom

                c.                             I am practical and like to develop models and explore ideas        

                d.                            I have a strong desire to influence others  

5.            As  a child

                a.                            I respected the rules and loved to follow them

                b.                            I learned better through experimentation rather than reading

                c.                             I was curious towards new things and kept questions in front of teachers to seek answers to my inquisitiveness                 

                d.                            I was imaginative and creative  

Round 2:  Rank the group of words in each segment, on the scale of 1-4, 4 being most likely and 1 being least likely:

1.            Parental + Conventional + Responsible 

                Energetic + Opportunistic + Natural        

                Adaptable + Inventive + Competent       

                Compassionate + Reliable+ Harmonious  

2.            Structured +  On-time +  Loyal

                Courageous + Open Minded + Playful

                Theoretical + Curious + Ingenious

                Kind + Understanding + Generous  

3.            Follow  Rules + Save Money + Concerned

                Freedom-lover + Daring + Risk-taker

                Logical + Perfectionist + Determined

                Sharing + Tender + Dramatic

4.            Systematic + Conventional + Caring

                Skilful + Exciting + Courageous

                Philosophical + Principled + Rational

                Vivacious + Affectionate + Sympathetic

Personality Colour Analyser:

Score (Round 1):  Count the number of Blue, Gold, Orange, and Green for each of the five questions as:

Gold – Option 'a',

Orange – Option 'b'

Green – Option 'c'

Blue – Option 'd'

Score (Round 2): Count the rank total for each colour. In each segment, the first option goes under Gold, second under Orange, third under Green and fourth under Blue.

Gold = ----------; Orange = ----------; Green = -------; Blue = ----------

Total Score = (Round 1 score of each colour) + (Round 2 score of each colour)

The colour scoring the maximum is the colour that best describes your personality.

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