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You must have observed that when you are in a party or among unknown faces, you often keep folding and unfolding your hands. You feel strange and, at times, nervous too. Your mind is running riots, seeking some familiar face unto whom you can open up and mingle. Psychiatrists say that this is an indication of person's discomfort when he feels that he is being observed. 

Definitely, this is true with 85% of human population. During such moments, man eagerly seeks for a companion to be comfortable under his skin. There are many people who read newspapers or watch the latest movies not because they want to update themselves with recent happenings but for the reason that they could have something to talk about; otherwise, a latent fear keeps haunting them that they would be left out alone.

We adorn the latest in fashion; we go for the recently introduced courses in college; we adopt the upcoming trends and patterns– all these just to keep ourselves abreast of the society around. There is a deep sense of insecurity inside us that what would happen if my friends shun me or if society forsakes me, considering me as outdated!

Friends, take a deep breath. “Just relax.”

The fact is that everyone is as much insecure as you are! It is not that only you need people around. People also need you. An ideal way of living would be rather to give up 'consciousness about society' and become 'conscious about the Self', which is ever-luminous; for, it alone is our “true identity” and our “true companion”.

Remember that you are a very tiny but intelligent speck in God's creation. Don't lose the uniqueness that God has blessed you with. Just think what would happen if there were only roses and no other flowers in the garden! Then the sight of roses would be boring. Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour. So, why to be conscious about what society thinks of you? Be what you are. Of course, always keep channels open for your betterment by overcoming the weaknesses that have invaded your personality. 

Know that the earth and                                  

other planets are not revolving around you.

You are not the centre of anyone                       

else's life but your own!