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The art piece that you see here is a 300 foot 'Wall Excavation' by artist Daniel Arsham at the SCAD Museum of Art, USA. The structure is made by digging through a series of walls– not real walls, but faux-concrete walls. The artist's intention behind making a series of walls each taking a person further inside than the preceding one was to correlate with the timeline of civilisation, reaching up to the fundamental entity of this timeline. As a person moves deeper inside, he comes across an experiential moment when he gets to reflect upon his own personal place in it, in the form of a silhouette of a human figure. Pertaining to the concept of timeline, this carving constituted a part of an exhibition which was titled as– 'The Future Was Then'.

That was the apparent aspect of the art-piece. There is a latent aspect as well, which unfolds something very crucial for us to gain insight. Well, if we look at it from a spiritual perspective, then, we will find that the artist has unknowingly happened to depict a much deeper message through his sculpture. Verily, this 'Wall Excavation' can be related to the discovery of the real identity of a being, which otherwise remains hidden and concealed due to the ignorant attitude of man. It is clearly stated in all authenticated scriptural texts that the personality of a human being comprises of layers, each subtler than the preceding one on the inner plane. First, we have the physical realm, our gross body, which is succeeded in subtlety by the mind. Subtler to this psychological layer is the intellectual dimension. On moving still deeper, we finally come across the core identity of our being. However, in contrast to Arsham's sculpture, this fundamental identity of ours is not a black silhouette; rather, it is an exuberantly radiant Divine Self! However, as we can see in the image as well, we get engrossed in exploring the outer layers and overlook the Divine Self residing inside.

Let's come to the moot question now. It is– how to go inside ourselves and meet our Real Identity, the Divine Self? Well, this revelation is done to us by the Supreme Sculptor, who manifests in the form of a Perfect Spiritual Master in every era, in every civilisation. He is the one who is equipped with the requisite tools of the finest cadre, through which he makes us dive inside and bring us face to face with our fundamental identity– the Soul! Therefore, search for such an expert divine sculptor and let your life become one of the exclusive art-pieces in the museum of this creation!