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How does this image appear to you? Can you decipher the mystery of perception hidden in it?

Perhaps, you would also have deciphered it in the manner as other people did. However, if you give a deep look to this image, you will find that the black images appearing to be camels are not actually camels. They are the mere shadows of the real camels which appear to us as small brown creatures. So, this exemplifies the difference between what we see and what exists in reality.

Similarly, our perception plays a big role in the game of life. Whether we perceive a situation to be simple or complicated, it is all about our way of thinking. Positive impact comes out to the fore when our perceptual attitude gives a favourable response to a situation.

Let's seek inspiration from this incident.

Recollecting the tragedies and mishaps that shook his life last year, one day this famous writer began to pen his story. He wrote, 'I had a surgery last year in which my gall bladder was removed. This surgery made me bedridden for a long period of time. I turned 60 the same year and under grave circumstances had to resign from my beloved job at the publishing house where I spent 30 years of my life. The same year also gave me the pang of losing my father. Not just this, my son also failed to get through his medical exams the same year due to his car accident. The car also got damaged. He had to stay in the hospital with the plaster cast on his leg for some days. Indeed, the last year was terribly bad for me.'

At that moment, his wife entered the room and found him shattered. She read everything penned by him and left the room without saying anything. After a while, she came again, but with a paper in her hand. She placed it along with the paper on which her husband wrote.

The writer saw that paper and was speechless after reading it. Here is what his wife wrote…

Last year, my husband got his gall bladder removed; it was indeed good as he had to spend many years in pain due to it. Last year only he turned 60. He retired from his job hale and hearty and now has ample time to write something in a more focussed and peaceful manner. His father, who was 95 years old also passed away the same year, but without facing any major health issues. The same year we also witnessed the blessings of God as our son got a new life. He met with an accident. Although the car that he was driving got damaged but by the grace of God, he was saved without any disability.

And, the note ended with these words–

God immensely showered His blessings on us and the year passed away well.

Undoubtedly, the wife's viewpoint turned the whole scenario altogether! Giving a positive approach to a situation helps us understand the grace of God. Had it not been there, the situation would have been worst.

It is crucial to accept the fact that happiness doesn't make us feel grateful but it's our gesture of gratefulness to God that brings us happiness. Just alter the angle of perception and you will find a drastic change in your situation. The following picture beautifully highlights this– Gosh! What a challenging moment it must have been for these boys, isn't it? Well, try viewing the image horizontally and you will find that they are actually on the ground!!

Therefore, it's just the projection of the mind. Remember the thumb rule– A change in our perception can change the whole situation! What we tend to perceive tough and unfavourable in life may not be that hard and can be managed without any hassle. So, it's important to learn the art of changing one's perception. It's only then we realise that those situations are not only favourable but also substantially beneficial for us. One needs the correct vision to trace positivity in every situation of life. 

There was a Clark family in Scotland. Their dream of making a tour to the United States was about to become true as Clark and his wife had finally managed to save enough money after years of hard work. Passports and reservations for themselves and their nine children were successfully done.       

The whole family was eagerly waiting to witness this exciting phase of their life, but a tragedy hindered their way. A dog bit their youngest son just seven days before the journey. His medical treatment was done by a doctor and the family was quarantined for fourteen days due to the fear of rabies. The family's dream received a jolt and especially the father was really upset as his prolonged dream to visit the United States was shattered. Entrapped in disappointment, he blamed his son and God for spoiling their plan.

However, just five days passed and shocking news was received. The 'Mighty Titanic' got sunk and the incident claimed the lives of hundreds of people. Ah! The Clark family would have been the victim of this disaster, had their son not been bitten by the dog. This news transformed the perception of Mr. Clark and now he thanked his son because of whom the entire family was safe. He also expressed his gratefulness to God who acted as their saviour and turned that devastating incident into a blessing for them.

This is how we need to come to terms with each and every situation or event of our life. What may not seem to be suitable or acceptable for the time being, could actually emerge out to be a game changer. All depends on our perception. Change your outlook and be a smart player!

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