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None in the world has achieved only accomplishments without facing tribulations and setbacks. Derision and opposition are the stepping stones on the path of victory, yet often we tend to forget it. We lose the will and courage to move on the chosen goal due to the harsh remarks and taunts by others. But some choose to shine. They never forget that every cloud has a silver lining.

One such person was the person responsible for making France one of the great nations in the world... He was none other than Napolean Bonaparte!

When Napoleon was a small child, his mother sent him to a school in another town, though the family was not very rich. Napoleon had to study in a small place. The room in which he stayed was not in a good locality. The neighbourhood was full of quarrelsome, teasing, mischievous people who tried to let him down and make fun of him. When he sat for studies, a lady would trouble him calling him a bookworm and that he would die in the room with his head in the books one day.

Napoleon's mother used to write him a letter every week. Once, she wrote– 'Son, time is waiting for you to emerge as some useful personality. So, take advantage of the time and grab every opportunity of the student life. This is a formative period. If you miss the opportunity, you will have to cry for your whole life because then nothing would be left. That is why make right use of every minute you have at your disposal.'

Napoleon used to read the letters and get fresh inspiration from them. He, thus ignored the people who made fun of him and concentrated totally on his studies. One day, some students along with that lady stood in front of his small room and made a lot of fun of him. They taunted him saying that he is a termite… He does not know anything except licking books…  He is a useless fellow who does not go out, does not attend any party or dinner… who does not know anything about the world...

Napoleon listened to all those remarks quietly. Meanwhile, he received a letter from his mother. His mother had written– 'Son, your father died when you were a very small child. At that time, I was the only one to pray for you and to see dreams for you to be realised. If you forget your books and goals, what will happen to those dreams? You would be forced to bow in front of the world all through your life. On the other hand, if you would become someone worthwhile, the world would salute you and take your name with honour. Therefore, you should not let your valuable time go in vain.' And, while concluding her letter, she wrote to him that he was born in France; and, since his father was no more, so France itself was his father. Therefore, he should make every effort and bring glory to his great nation.

Napoleon, during his student life, took healthy food and did regular exercise. And, it is a tested formula that healthy food, right exercise, and a cheerful disposition keep the body and mind healthy and alert. Napoleon studied well. He topped in every class. After completing his studies, he became the supreme commander of the French Army and took France to the pinnacle of glory.

One day, while riding on a horse along with his soldiers, Napoleon went to the locality where he used to study in a small room. The French police surrounded him for security purposes. People from the neighbourhood crowded around him. Napoleon was sitting on the horse. Meanwhile, the lady who used to make fun of him came there. Her name was Helena. She was old by now. Napoleon asked her about the boy who studied in that small room. She told Napoleon that he was a bookworm and must have died somewhere. Who will know of him now? He was only seen when he went for jogging and exercise. Otherwise, he kept sitting day and night inside the room and never lifted his head from his books. He may not have perhaps raised his head to even see the world.

Napoleon smiled and told the woman that the same boy was sitting on the horse in front of her as the supreme commander of the French Army. His achievement was the result of one-pointed concentration on his goal and his determination to attain it! If he had bothered about the world, then, he would not be known to the world as one of the greatest military leaders who revolutionised the military organisation and training in France.

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