Nepal Earthquake 25 April 2015: TIME TO CONTEMPLATE djjs blog

Thousands have lost their lives and thousands have lost everything they had to sustain their lives in this current disaster that struck Nepal yesterday. It will take years for the infrastructure loss to be met, and lives to rise over the psychological stress created by the disaster. Yes, the world is yet again jolted by this disaster, social media is filled with post and shares calling for prayers for Nepalese and Indians who are struck by this disaster, hearts are brimming with compassion at this moment. Before the world gets back to business as usual and even this becomes a passing disaster. Let’s take this moment to contemplate as to who bears the responsibility of this disaster. Is it Nature?? Yes it is easy and obvious to blame Mother Nature for her fury. But is it actually her fury?? Is it her sole responsibility of sending distress to her own children??

Or is it the responsibility of someone else? No we are not jumping to any conclusions. Rather here is a news piece, something which researchers have found, linkages they have worked out in the Himalayan system, read this piece and know for yourself who might be responsible...

The article lays down research evidences of correlations between climate change and earthquakes. The melting ice caps just might be adding to the stress of this complex Himalayan system and may be paving way for many more such devastating tectonic jolts. Bearing this in mind, the rapid pace of climate change is actually trying to take hold of all life systems and pushing us towards total devastation.

It’s time to rethink: Is it solely Nature or we humans, as a race is paving the path of our own destruction?

If you heart is aching as the death toll is rising in Nepal, if you are worried for your loved ones there in Nepal, if your heart is filled with fear yet again, if you want to do something for those in distress... Start with this, read this research and make a commitment to STOP CLIMATE CHANGE.

Prayers for all those affected by the disaster