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One day, Mr. Gonzalves, CEO of an esteemed multinational company was going in his ravishing duster car. Oops! All of a sudden, a stone smashed into his car. He got extremely agitated and ordered his chauffer to immediately apply the brakes. Then, he jumped out of his car and started looking for the offender. It was not at all a tough hunt. Soon, his eyes spotted a child hiding behind the nearby parked cars. Like a shot, he ran towards him and grabbed him. Holding him with his collar, he hollered– “You little scoundrel! How dare you throw a stone at my new limo? You will have to bear serious consequences for this prank of yours…”

The little boy folded his hands and said in apologetic tone– “Sir, please forgive me. I had no other option left.”

“What do you mean? No other option left!” yelled the CEO.

“Sir, look there!” With tears rolling down his face, the boy pointed his index finger to the left corner of the street. The CEO, thinking it to be a ploy of child to run away, first tightened his grip on the boy's collar and then turned his neck in the pointed direction.

The boy further said– “Sir, he is my elder brother. I was taking him for a morning walk. But, all of a sudden, he rolled off the curb, consequently lost his balance, and fell down from his wheel-chair. I tried very hard to put him back on the chair. But, he is too heavy for me to lift. He has got hurt also. Please, would you help me to lift my brother…”

The CEO was too shocked to answer. The boy continued– “Believe me, Sir, I desperately needed somebody's help to put my brother back on his chair. Several cars raced down the street. I waved at every car. But none stopped. Now more than an hour has passed. So, I had to…”

“You are right! You really had no other option left than to hit the passing car with a stone to stop it. I am sorry, extremely sorry, little boy” – spoke the CEO, choked with emotions. Then, along with his chauffer, he rushed to the spot, lifted the boy back into his wheel-chair. He took out his expensive, pure white handkerchief and dabbed at the wounds. He realised that the cuts were not deep and would soon heal. 

The boy, now, had a million dollar smile on his face. He thanked the CEO and walked away. Moved beyond words, the CEO kept watching the little boy pushing his brother's wheel-chair till they were out of sight.

Then, with very slow and heavy steps, he covered that small distance and reached his limousine. The dent on the car was very striking. He gently placed his finger over it. The chauffer said– “Sir, you worry not! I will take it to the mechanic and get it mended today itself.”

“No,” the CEO said promptly, “let the dent remain forever on the car. It would always remind me of the lesson I learned today.”

“What Sir?” the chauffer asked with surprise.

“Please slow your pace else somebody has to throw a stone at you to grab your attention!” said the great man.

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