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A boss sticks around 'I' and works towards maximizing personal success, but Guru's 'I' comprises of entire mankind and He works towards maximizing collective success.

  • A boss leads with command and might, while a Guru leads with values and love.
  • A boss can just teach and educate you, but a Guru can change and transform you.
  • A boss may extract only an ordinary achievement from extraordinary people, but a Guru can catalyze an extraordinary achievement from ordinary people.
  • A boss leads from front and wants to take away your credit, while a Guru leads from behind and gives the entire credit to you.
  • For a boss, people are not important, but results are; for a Guru, results are not important, but people are.
  • A boss is reactive, but a Guru is proactive.
  • A boss may hold grudges, anger or jealousy in case of adversities, but a Guru always forgives and believes in moving on.
  • A boss is somebody who tries to extract the maximum out of you to give it to the company or for his personal interest; while a Guru is one who wants to extract the maximum best out of you to give it back to you for your own interest.
  • A boss carries a psyche where he always wants something from you, while a Guru manifests a consciousness where He always wants to give something to you.
  • A boss simply leaves the work on you to be done in a particular manner, while a Guru not only gives directions but also imparts wisdom along with his prudent guidance at every step and makes you carry out the task beyond your capacity and creativity.
  • When stuck with a problem, a boss would ask for the solution to be offered, while a Guru would offer the solution for the problem.
  • A boss works his way through position power, but a Guru works his way through personal power.
  • While bosses may sit in the offices, a Guru often sits in the hearts of His disciples.
  • While bosses rely on physical and mental proximity to bring the best out of you, a Guru relies on the proximity of the soul to bring the best of you.
  • The power of a boss comes out of his position, but the power of a Guru comes out of His vision and inspiration; and one often follows the boss due to his powerful position, but one follows the Guru due to His powerful vision and inspiration.
  • A boss makes you do what you knew you were supposed to do, while a Guru helps you see and do what you could not see or do by yourselves.
  • A boss uses his power to make you cross a problematic hurdle, while a Guru empowers you to cross the problem and hurdle.
  • One follows a boss not because one believes in him, but one follows a Guru for one believes in Him.
  • A boss keeps directing, is never satisfied and feels the need to lead; whereas a Guru doesn't feel the need to lead and is content in just showing the way. He leads society through his disciples.
  • A boss would often end up fixing the blame for a collapse or failure; while a Guru fixes the collapse or failure, often ending in taking off the blame.
  • A boss feels insecure if he sees somebody rising due to fear of losing his position; while a Guru encourages one and all and infuses in them the spirit to rise and he never feels insecure as he wants everyone to attain the supreme goal (i.e. God).
  • A boss is limited by his energy and is often stuck to the past and struggles with the present, while a Guru has limitless energy within, and is busy carving out the future.
  • A boss may not have purpose and is mostly acting on incentives, while a Guru never acts on incentives and has a clear purpose in his mind.
  • A boss may force down his vision to a person's unsightedness, while the Guru always lifts a person's vision to his foresightedness.
  • A boss uses lots of limits and authority to keep one bound to the track and yet one gets dispersed, while a Guru gives freedom to disperse and yet one remains innately bound to the track.
  • A boss often thinks that he can offer the best solutions and is not interested if you can come out with a better solution, but a Guru knows that He can offer a better solution, yet He wants us to come out with the best solutions within us.
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