The Mailbox of Your Life! djjs blog,,… these are some of the address boxes of today's youngsters. They take great pain to decorate their internet homes with new themes and colours. The security of the mail ids is also maintained with 100% perfection. They love to stay in it at all times. Such is the passion and craze for the internet homes! Let's re-direct this passion for better returns by incorporating the internet-home features in our daily lives...

Inbox: Grab in your Inbox of life the inspirations of living with positive attitude in every situation of life. Mark those mails as important which direct you towards your ultimate goal of seeing and attaining God in this human birth.

Draft: Prepare the list of 'do good, become good' resolutions and keep it in the draft section. But, don't just leave it there. With each passing day, convert your resolutions into realities so that they can be brought from the draft cart to your inbox. Otherwise the draft will have to be discarded.

Contacts: Make sure that you have in your contact list only those names, who guide you in a progressive direction and are not there to de-motivate you. It is well-known– 'As is your company, so you become.' Therefore, always be in the company of good and great people.

Trash: While moving on the road of life, we also happen to come across situations where we meet failures. And, when we encounter such failures, we get shattered and depressed. But, in such times avail the 'trash' feature of your life-mailbox and just trash out all junk thoughts of de-motivation and depression out of your life. Move on with zeal and enthusiasm.

Spam: Always remember that backbiting, gossip and tale bearing are nothing but the time-killers of your life. Therefore, this unwanted stuff should find no place in the inbox of your life.

Chat: This is the most important and valuable feature of human life. Always have the 'online' status with the supreme God. Remain in touch with HIM 24x7 through prayers, sumiran (contemplation on the Holy Name as revealed during initiation into the Divine Knowledge by the Perfect Spiritual Master) and meditation.

Note: This status is available only to those who realise their True Self through Brahm Gyan by taking shelter under the divine tutelage of a Perfect Spiritual Master.

Sent Mail: Spread the message of the supreme science of 'Brahm Gyan' – the ultimate formula to Know Thyself to one and all. Your pious character, humble words, selfless behaviour, and genuine and concerned efforts for human welfare will serve as the leading tools for this feature.

Theme: The best theme for this life mailbox can be none other than the one having the patterns and colours of serenity and peace within and without.

Do avail all these features of your life-mailbox before the life account gets de-activated. Otherwise, in their absence, even if you have good health, unending wealth, hi-fi degrees and qualifications, your precious human birth will go in vain.

We know, you must be thinking how to gain access to this mailbox and avail the full benefits of all its features... Don't worry! We remember to give you the username as well as the password.

Username: [email protected] of Creation.Com
Password: Brahm Gyan 

So, first create an id using this information and then enjoy the invaluable benefits by logging on to your life-inbox!

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