Why We Can’t Perceive GOD Through Our Physical Senses djjs blog

O beloved children of the Lord Divine! Time and again, you have come across the emphatically quoted statement- 'Yes, God can be seen'. Does this statement not stir your inquisitiveness? Is this bold declaration not inspirational enough to bring forth your inherent, dormant desire for the search for Supreme Truth?

No doubt, most of you must be wondering,'If God can be seen then why is He not visible? Why can't our physical eyes behold Him?' Reason being that our Supreme Father, our benign Lord, pervades the whole of existence, including you and me, in the form of Pure Consciousness. And all of us are well aware of the fact that Pure Consciousness is not something material that can be sensed by physical organs; rather, it is the subtlest existence pervading throughout the cosmos. It, being omnipresent, is the most pervasive and hence the subtlest as per one of the formulas of modern physics: "Subtlety is directly proportional to the degree of pervasiveness."

degree of subtlety  degree of pervasiveness

It implies that the more pervasive an entity is the more subtle it would be. Based upon the same fact, since Pure Consciousness permeates throughout the cosmos and even beyond that, it possesses the highest degree of pervasiveness; it even possesses the highest degree of subtlety. The whole concept can be well comprehended by contemplating upon matter and its three different states:

l               The solid state
l               The liquid state
l               The gaseous state

Among all these, the solid state is the grossest and can be easily seen and sensed by us, since it possesses a definite shape and structure. Having a definite shape and structure, it occupies a limited volume and hence is the least pervasive among all the three states of matter. For instance, the solid state of H2O is ice, having a definite volume as well as a fixed shape and size. Since it occupies a fixed space, it is the least pervasive. Next to the solid state is liquid state of matter, which is subtler than its corresponding solid phase. Though it has a fixed volume, yet it does not have a fixed shape and size. It assumes the shape and size of the container in which it is stored. For example, the corresponding liquid state of ice with a chemical formula H2O is water having a fixed volume but not a fixed shape and size. In case not stored in any vessel, it can flow freely in any direction. Thus, water is more pervasive and hence subtler than ice. Next to the liquid phase is the third state of matter called the gaseous state, which has neither any definite volume nor any definite shape. It is the subtlest among all the three states of matter. Its example is steam, the corresponding gaseous state of water. Surpassing the limitations of volume and shape, it spreads all over the container in which it is stored. Conclusively, the gaseous phase is the most pervasive, the subtlest, and, hence, the most difficult to perceive and measure. Then what to comment on our Pure Consciousness, which is subtler than even the subtlest of all the three states of matter, that is, gas?

However, in spite of being the subtlest, it is feasible to perceive Pure Consciousness, though with the most precise instrument called the Divine Eye, which is also called the Third Eye or the Tenth Door. Divine Eye is like the focus of the Soul from where it disperses in the whole body and permeating every cell, imparts life and vigour to every limb. Our soul centered at this point energises the whole physical self; just as, the sun stationed at the centre of the solar system heats and lights all the heavenly planets revolving around it. Normally, the soul current gets dissipated while exiting out of the nine doors of perception, enfeebling us at the spiritual level. However, if, somehow, we converge the whole soul current at its focus, the Divine Eye, then it would open to us the mystical experiences of Transcendental Reality. Thus, for the direct perception of God, Pure Consciousness, and henceforth for the experience of the bliss of divine

visions, we need to focus our attention on our Third Eye, the strategy for which can be revealed only by a Perfect Master, who while activating our Divine Eye or Tenth door can drench us with the divine ecstasy, as is explicated in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:

nau dwaare pargat kiye daswaa gupt rakhaaiaa
gur dwaare laaye bhaawani iknaa daswaan dwaar dikhaaiaa
tah anek roop nau nav nidhi tis daa ant na jaayee paaiaa

"God manifested the nine doors but kept the tenth one dormant and closed. Only the devotional inclination towards the Lotus feet of the Perfect Master, a True Guru, can open the tenth door for us. It is the True Guru only who can show us the Tenth door where there are various marvellous forms and endless nine treasures."

This divine eye, which enables us to enjoy the vistas of the transcendental realm, is called the pineal gland by modern science. Once the divine, subtle portals of our tenth door are opened up, one is stunned and moved by the enchanting, fascinating beauty of the divine, spiritual realms, where one roams but without any feet, one sees but without the physical eyes, one talks but without the tongue, and one hears as well but without the physical ears. The same trans-sensual mystical experience has been enunciated by Shri Guru Amardas Ji:

akhee baajhahu vekhnaa vin kanaa sunnaa
pairaa bajhahu chalnaa vin hathaa karnaa
jibhai baajhahu bolnaa iu jeevat marnaa
nanak hukum pachhaan ke tau khasmai milnaa

"Seeing without eyes, hearing without ears, walking without feet, working without hands, speaking without tongue; thus, as per God's will, dying while living is the way to meet Him."

Transcending his physical existence, a spiritual aspirant travels with his soul into all subtle, spiritual planes and gets visions of hundreds of worlds in a single moment, as mentioned in Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji:

Khand brahmand ka eko thaanaa gur pardaa khol dikhaayaa.

"There is one Supreme source of all the planes and universes. Guru enables us to realise It by lifting the veil of ignorance."

The aforementioned verse vividly reveals the existence of one Supreme Source that further bloomed forth into the variegated, enamouring creation. In addition, it even discloses the fact of the existence of multiple universes. Is it not something awesome? The existence of multiple universes, the concept which even modern science has been quite oblivious of till now, was known to our ancient but great gurus, seers, and sages. Isn't it something mind-boggling too? What made them well-acquainted with all these hidden, scientific secrets? In one way or the other, it unveils the potentiality of Divine knowledge, which reveals before its knower the secrets of all possible realms, whether physical or mental or spiritual.