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A man was polishing his dear car. His eyes were anxiously waiting to behold the heart-loving sight of his newly polished car once the polishing was over. Working for last 2 hours, he was almost on the verge of completion. Only a portion on the rear side was remaining, on which he was working. At that moment, his little son came playing with a ball. Seeing his dad's car shining beautifully, he got very excited. Running to his father, he said “Wow dad, our car has become new again!” The father smiled and nodded his head in response.

Clutching his ball in his little fingers, the boy ran around and around the car in joy. “Robin, be careful! See that you don't touch the car, else the polish, which is yet not dry, will be spoiled.” On hearing the alerting words of his father, the kid tried to maintain a little more distance from the car. But his excitement-race went on, around and around the car. After he had run several rounds, his tiny bank of energy drained out. The boy sat on one side of the car panting heavily.

Suddenly, his eyes fell on a small piece of stone lying next to his left foot. Not remembering his father's strict warning, he picked up the stone and started writing something on the car. His father, busy polishing the opposite rear side of the car, did not see what his son was doing. After completing the last stroke of polishing, he took a deep breath and got up holding the brush in one hand and polish in the other. Standing there, he slowly moved his eyes from left to right to behold the full view of his newly polished car.

“…L for lion… …E for Elephant …A for Apple…”– a soft voice flowed from the front right side. But, no one was visible from the rear side of the car where he was standing. “Hmmm! It's Robin's voice… but where is he?” he spoke to himself. While moving towards the front side to pick up the tools that he had taken out from the car to clean the dickey, he called out, “Robin, where….!!!!” The sentence was left in between with his eyes wide open with shock… “Gosh! What are you doing?” …He rushed on seeing Robin sitting near the car and writing something on it.

The little boy immediately stood up in fear. He quickly hid both his hands at his back, trying to cover the stone with his little fingers. On noticing the scratches on the car, the father just could not control himself. His anger came out in the form of a hard thrash! “Didn't I tell you to remain away from the car? You idiot, you have spoiled all my work!” shouting thus, he held his son's hands tightly and thrashed repeatedly. In his rage, he forgot that he was carrying not a ruler but a wrench in his hand. The boy kept pleading and crying aloud in pain. But, his angry father went on whipping him madly one stroke after the other till the little hands started bleeding. Only on seeing the blood which flowed profusely did the fumes of anger settle down. Unable to believe his cruel deed, he rushed to the doctor with his son.

Robin was silent. Tears were flowing from his tiny eyes and blood from his little hands. The doctor immediately bandaged and arranged for the x-ray to study the seriousness of the injury. “Sir, your son will lose all his fingers. We need to cut them, as all the veins are severely damaged beyond repair. There are multiple injuries in both his hands.”

Those words came as an earthquake to the father! He stood fixed to the ground with everything dark before his eyes. After the operation, he peeped through the window of the room. Robin was sleeping with his hands wrapped in bandages. He slowly opened the door and sat on the chair at the bedside. Putting his son's bandaged hand in his own hands, he caressed the finger-less little hands, still little than before! Suddenly, a soft voice came asking– “Dad, when will my fingers grow again?” Robin looked at his father with moistened eyes and a little smile on his lips. What could be the reply from the father, who was burning in the fire of repentance? He hugged his little son in his arms while repeating the only words– “Don't call me Dad… I don't deserve it! …Please forgive me my child! Forgive me…” Saying so, he cried and cried.

Late in the evening, he went back to his car and kicked it hard a number of times. He yelled at the top of his voice in the agony of his shameless act. Cursing himself, he sat on the ground with his head held in hands. A little later, when he looked up, his eyes fell on the scratches that Robin had put on the car. In the dim light of the garage, the scratches read– “I LOVE YOU DAD!”

Oh! The heart ripped apart. Beats stopped. Breaths paused. The poor father stood there speechless! Completely dumb and numb! The whole night, the scenes of his merciless act in the fit of anger flashed before his eyes. Unable to bear the awful pain any longer, before the next morning, he committed suicide.

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