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Most often we are in the habit of making comparisons. During the course of making comparisons, generally we tend to develop many vices like jealousy, pride, exaggerating or undermining achievements, developing a sense of insecurity among ourselves or creating it among others, etc. Comparisons may be good as long as they inspire us to make progress in a certain field and go ahead. But unfortunately, they start a bad race of leaving others behind and winning over them. In this process ethical values are a casualty. We forget all that is good and run fast to win leaving others behind by hook or by crook.

The fairness is sacrificed and the eyes are focused on the end result. The piety of means to achieve the end is lost in the race. And, this kind of attitude is indeed unethical. The unethical is certainly unacceptable as it causes degradation of humanitarian virtues and gives birth to vices (as discussed above) in the personality. We, therefore, have to avoid comparisons in the worldly field and teach our children to get motivated by virtues and not by the worldly achievements. The things achieved through our own efforts without indulging in the rat race are welcome.

Comparisons in the spiritual field, however, have a positive aspect. If we compete to meditate more and more, to indulge in service to our brothers more and more, to read, to listen and understand the thoughts of saints, to make ourselves available for the noble cause of humanity more than others etc, the comparisons are definitely welcome as they elevate our soul and help us traverse the path taking to and touching

godliness. This sort of comparison would truly evolve us and inculcate virtues in our character. We can emphatically say that ethical is always acceptable as it causes upgradation and elevation forwarding us towards the kingdom of God. Such comparisons only inspire us to make more and more achievements in the area of spirituality and don't have any adverse impact.

Who can inspire us to avoid worldly comparisons and make spiritual ones? Definitely, it is some great spiritual soul who has himself achieved the highest form of spirituality and can also make us realise its supreme benefits. By bestowing on us the Divine Knowledge and leading us to view the divine in our inner self, he can take us to self realisation and recognise the power of soul. When we move sincerely on this path, we are inspired to make spiritual comparisons and evolve higher and higher, leaving behind the trifle, worldly comparisons. Therefore, find such a Perfect Master and elevate yourself to the highest point.

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