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Once a plastic flower coated with fragrance and a small lump of cow dung with bad smell were on the way to meet God. During their journey, the flower tried to remain far away from the cow dung because it thought that its beauty and delicate scent will be hampered by the fowl smell and not so clean cow dung. At the same time, the flower was considering itself to be the luckiest entity in the world. Why? Because in front of its pretty, tidy and clean appearance, who would accept the untidy cow dung? The flower was imagining– “On one side of God's throne I (the flower) would be lying beautifully and on the other side of the throne that untidy cow dung. When God will come, He immediately would pick me up. What next? Aha! I shall be in the Almighty hands.”

All through the way, the cow dung was walking silently to meet God.

They both reached near God's throne waiting for His divine audience. Soon the conch was blown. The much-awaited moments arrived. God with His divine smile entered the hall and got seated. The flower was waiting eagerly for its imagination to turn into reality. God looked on His either side and called His angel.

But, what's that! No words to express! God adorned His forehead with a tilak (mark) of cow dung and His divinity was out of the universe! 

Here, a big question arises– 'Why did God give the opportunity to the unclean cow dung?' It is because, though cow dung does not have a tidy appearance, yet its purity is beyond expression. (According to the Vedas, Gomaya (cow dung) is considered to be an extremely pure substance. In fact, today it is also scientifically proven that cow dung purifies the environment and is full of antiseptic properties). And, for God, it is only and only 'purity' that matters! He looks only for purity in His children– purity of mind, purity of heart, and purity in actions.

Karmabai was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Every day, early in the morning, without even taking a bath, she used to cook food for her Lord. In her heart and mind, only one pure feeling was high– like a kid who gets up in the morning and cries for milk, her Lord must also be looking for food as soon as He wakes up. One day, a few Brahmins came to her home and asked– 'O mother! You have cooked food early in the morning for Lord Krishna. But, without taking a shower? Don't you know that one should offer something to the Lord only after cleaning oneself?' The very next day, when Karmabai got up in the morning, she first took the shower and then started cooking food for her Lord. But, that day, while cooking, she was feeling as if something was missing. Her entire focus was on the Brahmins' words. In her mind, again and again it was coming– 'All the food that I had been offering to the Lord since so many years was futile as I did not prepare that by making myself clean. I hope Lord Krishna accepts my offering today!' After finishing the cooking, she took a bowl, poured food in it, and placed it before the Lord.

At night, when she sat in meditation, she saw the Lord in the form of a small child, shouting and crying with hunger. Karambai became restless and with great concern she asked, “O Lord! Why are you crying? Didn't you eat the food that I offered you early in the morning?” The Lord replied, “Mother, I had that food but it did not satiate my hunger; it was not as fulfilling as it is on other days.” Karmabai said, “But Lord, I cooked the same way and in the same quantity as I always do. Then why it could not satisfy your hunger?” At this, the Lord said, “Mother, I know you offered Methe same type of food that you used to serve Me every day. But, today your pure motherhood nature was not mixed in the food for which I come every day at your doorstep.”

Yes dear lovers of God! God is hungry for our 'purity'. He just needs one thing from His devotees– 'A Pure Heart!' (Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. – Mathew 5:8)

Swami Rama Tirtha used to say, “Have you ever seen a little child who is always content and happy. Everybody who comes in contact of a child becomes his disciple. He starts talking to him in childish manner. He dances like a child, makes faces like a child, and enacts with him in his ways. But, how come a small child becomes the king of the family? Because, he has with him, a pure and innocent heart! A heart which is deprived of hatred, jealousy, comparison, anger and ego. And, this is what our God also wants from us. If we can have a pure heart as that of a child, then God will come running to us.”

Therefore, a disciple should crave for having a heart of a child filled with purity and innocence. How to remove the impurities of vices from our hearts? Just as a laundryman cleanses our clothes using water and detergent; likewise, with the water of 'Devotional Tears' and the detergent of 'Eternal Name', the impure heart gets purified. So, remain in touch 24X7 with the eternal power through the Word (revealed and manifested by the grace of a Perfect Spiritual Master during initiation into the eternal technique of BrahmGyan). You will bask in the divine oasis of purity and bliss. It will sanctify your heart.

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