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Diverse work related needs create a space for modification in the previously enabled settings in a software or hardware of a gadget. Have you ever customised your mobile, computer or any other gadget for the ease of usage?

In a gadget, while changing the course of previously enabled settings, we choose the preferred list and apply the “RESET” option. Whether rearranging a theme, changing a wallpaper, a password, or even for a small change in anti-virus protection from a fortnight to that of a week, we choose the Reset key and customise the applications/program as per our requirements, for making a task quick and easy or for an ease of access to a variety of applications in a single click.

Let's go deeper into the subject. Quite often we even disable the most redundant options and enable only the essential ones that need to be used frequently. We do it so that a feasible platform is created (by customising, selecting and saving the right, essential and best reset options) for effective running of a man-made machine.

What if the selected options are not applied to the program or the reset key is not made functional after the selection of a particular list? We will lose out on all the essential selections and will come back to square one!

Ever thought how a man-made machine like computer and other gadgets would be like if there were no key/alternative to RESET an application/program according to our choice? The gadgets would hardly create any user interest in the market and would be left unexplored, become monotonous and complicated to use.

Further, a question arises, if for an effective working of a man-made machine, a reset key/option is essentially required for the aforesaid reasons, then would it not be required for a God-Made machine i.e. Humans– termed as the “Crown of the Creation”?

Definitely Yes! For bringing about a positive, revolutionary mindset, compassion and true humanity in a human, a reset key will indeed be the need of the hour. Since time immemorial, the Reset key called the “BrahmGyan” has been tremendously changing people who have turned into machines. Time and again, BrahmGyan's reset key has proved its worth by creating efficient, influential, ethical humans and has even nurtured those who were once a curse on humanity or were on the verge of ending their precious life.

Let us delve more and understand; how through BrahmGyan a notorious dacoit changed and reformed and even turned into a reformer. When we retrospect, our history narrates the true tale of Angulimaal dacoit, whose life was an absolute saga of sins. He was not just a notorious dacoit, but was a curse on humanity. Day and night, his target was to chop off the fingers of every passerby and thread them in his finger garland. He lived with an aim to upraise his terror in the hearts of societal populace. His deeds reflected a sense of hatred, cruelty, revenge and, foremost, loss of right direction. He was in a human garb but his deeds were that of an animal/ beast. Chopping off a passerby's fingers meant happiness to him, even if it was momentary in nature. Years passed by with such a sinful execution.

Even so, the cruellest of the cruel also has a saviour. This time, on Angulimaal's finger chopping list was another passerby. Like he did with every passerby, he followed “Lord Buddha” too and asked him to “STOP…” The moment he saw Lord Buddha's appearance, he was flabbergasted to see his divine charisma, serenity and vibrations; yet he commanded:

Angulimaal: STOP… I asked you to stop…!

Lord Buddha: I have already stopped (become stable and firm), when would you?

Lord Buddha's presence and his holy words made a deep impact on Angulimaal. No one could summon courage to respond to him in such a manner. The conversation between the two forced Angulimaal to introspect and realise the very purpose of attaining the precious human garb.

Angulimaal: Lord Buddha...Where shall I go? Since beginning I have been fed up of this monotonous life and people around, hence, I chose and followed this dreadful path.

                How shall I reform? Even if I want to follow the path of non-violence, I cannot. Moreover, the society won't accept me now; neither would people endure my presence nor would they let me live a violence-free and peaceful life.

 Is there any path still left for me which can reset my old, sinful life? Can anything still keep me on right track and resurrect me?

Lord Buddha: Yes, there is…! There is one and only one eternal path of divine knowledge which can resurrect you. This knowledge can wash away all your horrendous crimes and sins and can bring you back from darkness to light.

Only the power of inner realisation can completely transform you from within and place all the humanitarian attributes (peace, compassion, love and other values) in you. Thus, your complete life will become a saga of novelty, reformation and inner peace.

Lord Buddha then initiated Angulimaal into the same Divine Knowledge, which our holy scriptures pronounce as the path of inner transformation, transcendentalism and salvation.

Thereafter, through BrahmGyan, the power of his soul channelized his energies in the right direction and made him the replica of his name given by Buddha- “Ahinsak”, who later lived a peaceful life of dignity and non violence.

Dear friends, if violent and sinful beings like Angulimaal, Ganika, SajjanThagg and others can transform and reset their lives, then can't WE? Definitely Yes! Provided we have a “Reset key”, identified as “BrahmGyan”, installed in our inner self. BrahmGyan is indeed the need of the hour, an utmost necessity to change our previous course of life, rearrange our present and earlier planted thought patterns, and channelize our day-to-day actions-reactions. Only through this Reset key can we route the frequency of our wavering mind and heart in the right direction. BrahmGyan connects us to our soul power (the highest level, i.e. our higher self), which once awakened guides us at every step, generates clarity of thoughts and activates good decision making power (which was earlier in a dormant state). BrahmGyan flames up our previous karmas; segregates and uproots the unwanted matters from our life, and connects us to the primary source of never-ending happiness, humanitarian attributes, hidden potential, positive energy and enthusiasm. Thus, BrahmGyan Resets Our Life For Good!

So, take a U turn and cherish life with BrahmGyan. Nonetheless, we have a technical expert (Perfect Master) just a phone call away, who has remote access to our life, for all software/hardware related queries/issues.

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