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Nothing seems to work for me. No matter how hard I work but he always gets appreciation. I can swear that he never works as hard as me. …How do I know? I know his nature; he always wants to have a short cut to everything. The boss gives him work and he, through his honeyed words, gets it done through someone and in front of the boss takes the credit and the applause. He is also an ingratiating flatterer. And the amazing part is that the work he gets done from others does not ever, ever go wrong.

But what happens in my case? I very assiduously take up the assigned work and do it diligently; still, the boss never venerates me. That's not all! Cherry on the cake is that he (that colleague of mine) pinpoints small mistakes of mine. He is so loud in his opinion on others that he never minces words to criticise others. On the other hand, everyone thinks twice before saying anything against him and he is in the good books of the boss. He really has the devil's own luck.

This makes me wonder… people like me who are honest and sincere are always rubbed the wrong way. Why???

Oh! My head is in splits. I think I need to share this with someone. It is really getting on my nerves. Who could be the right person?

Thinking so, I decided to go out in the fresh air. Immersed in my thoughts and conflicts, walking aimlessly, I reached a big community park a few blocks away from my house. There was a lot of hustle and bustle. Out of curiosity I entered the park. I looked around and found workers preparing for some function. I spotted an elderly man, who looked like a preacher, seated on a sofa right in the middle. The man's face had a very saintly and dignified look. I could not take my eyes off him. I instantaneously felt, “I can share my predicament with him.” I approached him and requested– “Can I talk to you for some time?” The man looked up and signalled me to sit near him. I, in no time, poured my heart out. After hearing everything, he started narrating a story to me.

 Once there were two angels who were on a world tour. After a tiring journey, they decided to take a halt for some rest. The two angels spotted a big mansion. Thinking of spending a comfortable night there, they descended. However, they were flabbergasted to find that despite having every comfort and facility, the family was impolite and uncaring. They asked both of them to spend the night in the cold basement of the house. The younger angel was dismayed and told the elder angel– “Such a big house but what a small heart these people have!” The older angel did not say anything. Suddenly she noticed a hole in the wall, got up and repaired it.

The younger angel was stupefied- “After such treatment, how could you still do this?” The elder angel replied, “Stay open-minded.” The younger one kept quiet.

The second night, they spotted a hut. Not expecting much, they decided to spend the night there. However, this time, they were left surprised! Why? They were amazed to see the big-heartedness and the courteous nature of the poor family. The family shared with them whatever little food was available in their house. They also gave them their bed for a good night sleep. Both angels slept well. But, the next morning they woke up hearing wailing cries. Actually, the poor family's only source of income, their cow, whose milk they used to sell, lay dead outside their hut.

The younger angel was puzzled. She enquired from the elder angel– “How could you let this happen? He treated us so well. The first person was affluent; yet you helped him. The second person was needy but large-hearted and he shared with us whatever meagre he had. Still you let this tragedy hit him. I am really baffled.” This time also the elder angel replied, “Stay open-minded.”

Later, the older angel unveiled the mystery– “The wealthy family was so reluctant and unaccommodating. That's why when I saw gold coins in the hole of the wall in their basement, I promptly repaired it so that they do not find it. On the other hand, when the angel of death came for the poor man's wife, I gave him the cow in place of his wife.” The younger angel was speechless.

After sharing this story, the elderly said to me– “So, what did you deduce from this?” I scratched my head and started thinking... He continued, “Everything that we have ever thought, spoken, or done, becomes our karma, our destiny. We enjoy or suffer according to the good or bad actions done by us in this life or the lives before. This reward of enjoyment or punishment of suffering does not always come immediately as the concomitant to karma; but it is inevitable to come- sooner or later. This is law of Nature. Therefore, just focus and strive to keep your actions pure and pious; for they will be rewarding. Ignore and pace away from the crooked ways; for they are bound to be punishable. Flattering or pretentious dispositions cannot appease the Greatest BOSS- the script writer of our destiny. Similarly, the scrupulous actions can also never miss their recognition through His all-pervading eyes. Have patience.”

This conversation struck me like lightening. His words cleared the cobwebs in my mind and everything became as clear as a crystal. He quoted the verse of the ShrimadBhagwad Gita– “No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end; neither here nor in the worlds to come.” (Ch 6, verse 40)

I had undoubtedly grasped the message of the verse.

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