An evening that brought together experts from a reputed profession, a platform that introduced the fusion of Life Management and Financial Management, a learning that inspired professionals to assess and manage themselves, yes, it was a thrilling SAM session, under the initiative ‘Youth Empowerment’, at one of the happening venues of Delhi, Talkatora Stadium on June 30, 2015.

Master the balance sheet of life, says SAM on 66th Chartered Accountant Day

SAM flavored the 66th Chartered Accountant Day celebration organized by the Northern India Regional Council (NIRC) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) amid the presence of top 500 experts belonging to different segments of the Indian CA fraternity. Swami Narendranand, Chief Secretary, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), was also present on the occasion and the event was attended by 2500 CA students.

Master the balance sheet of life, says SAM on 66th Chartered Accountant Day

It was an occasion when the established audit, finance and tax managers gathered to seek a lesson to attain proficiency in conducting the audit of their life so as to ensure double satisfaction and happiness without paying any tax.

A dance performance on Ganesh Vandana by the home group Eternal Splendor marked an ultimate beginning, eliciting applause from one and all. Then came an enlightening talk by a DJJS Representative, Sadhvi Pragya Bharti who first of all congratulated all the CAs for their remarkable contribution towards the nation’s economy. Her deliberation sought to draw the attention of young CAs towards the techniques of Life Management. She dwelled on nurturing holistic living that channelizes the way forward to a life full of satisfaction and internal enjoyment. The crux reflected the significance of attaining an equilibrium not only in the balance sheet of companies, but also in the balance sheet of life, in which case, one would be able to perform personal and societal responsibilities with much ease. 

The audience had much more to enjoy as the home band Eternal Bliss set the stage with exciting numbers blending entertainment with learning. Along with an amazing experience, these tracks also infused in the audience a spirit of serving humanity.

Congratulating SAM team for their altruistic approach, CA. Raj Chawla, Chairman, NIRC of ICAI, said, “Unlike other NGOs, SAM has been working selflessly for youth empowerment. Their initiatives and efforts are praiseworthy as they serve as a source of inspiration for numerous directionless youth.”

More admirable words came from CA. Manoj Fadnis, President, ICAI, who shared, “SAM is a team of educative and knowledgeable people who are on an enthusiastic journey to transform youth.”

CA. Hans Raj Chugh, Vice-Chairman, NIRC of ICAI, also said, “It’s a great initiative by SAM to address the problems of youth as they tend to opt for undesirable avenues, which ultimately land them in trouble. But with such workshops, they get a platform to resolve their issues that improve them at both personal and professional fronts. I hope SAM team continue to flourish with their efforts to guide the future of this nation.”

A proud moment came with the testimony by CA. Deepak Garg, NICASA Chairman, who expressed, “SAM has performed brilliantly and it follows a different approach to target the young audience. We look forward to collaborate with them for more such programs.”

That’s how the members of this noble profession also couldn’t remain untouched by SAM impact. The program was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience and received an overwhelming response.

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