We have a whole world with us, but we are alone at the time of trouble. We have whole world to enjoy, but are happy with only some. We have whole world to compete, but in team we move forward with only some. We have whole world to discuss, but secrets are disclosed to our confidante. Is this what God expected from this world?

A Spiritual Congregation: Persevere With Almighty

Certainly Not! HE expected us to move together, grow together, think unanimously, enjoy fully, and share equally, so that we can become one-world family, with one mission, one plan, one goal and one strategy.

A Spiritual Congregation: Persevere With Almighty

With such a great vision in the mind, DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan), a socio-spiritual organization is engaged in the upliftment of mankind. Headed and founded by HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, DJJS organised spiritual congregation on March, 2015 at Dabwali Malko Ki (Punjab), Bangalore (Karnataka), Amravati (Maharashtra), Latur (Maharashtra), Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Pathardi (Maharashtra), Nurpur (Himachal Pradesh), Pathankot (Punjab) branch in Punjab.

As the programme started, devotional and melodious bhajans were sung by preachers. All bhajans, along with filling the environment with divine tunes, gave message of true bhakti and explained how life-less a life could be without the life-giver. In this world full of unwieldy activities, at least a monthly connection to GOD is necessary. Hundreds of devotees witnessed the divinity of the programme and enlightened their life by the divine and inspiring words of Sadhvi Simran Bharti ji. She encouraged people to focus on the integrity, core values and be persistent with your goal, be humane, be valuable by serving more, consistently try to learn from others’ life and unite our ideas and thoughts to create one-world family so that the world is a better place to live in and to die for.

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