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“Give Me 100 Energetic Young Men and I Shall Transform India”- Swami Vivekananda

A Unique Mega Event – Uttishtha Bharat, Spiritually Propelling the Selfless Youth Volunteer of DJJS for the Reverent Mission of World Peace

This call was exhorted towards youth in India, not just for ordinary youth but the spiritually awakened youth who can mine the wisdom of ancient spiritual science and philosophy. ‘Uttishtha Bharat’ i.e. Awakened and Rising India, a unique workshop was organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan at Divya Dham Ashram in New Delhi for 2 days on 12th and 13th October 2019, under the incessant guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder and Head, DJJS). The workshop aimed at constructing and shaping such youth who are not enfeebled by self-centric aspirations and gratifications of desires. It aimed at waking up youth from the self-induced slumber, which is possible only through the realms of inner awakening. 

A Unique Mega Event – Uttishtha Bharat, Spiritually Propelling the Selfless Youth Volunteer of DJJS for the Reverent Mission of World Peace

The event was especially organized for and by selfless volunteers of DJJS, who are also disciples of His Holiness, in order to keep them motivated and engaged in nation awakening and building exercise which organization aims at through various social and spiritual initiatives. The participation was witnessed from across nation and all states.

The event comprised of plethora of multifarious activities such as Yog Shivir, Plays, Spiritual Lecture, Devotional Songs, unique music concert, social media awareness and work life balance. These activities not only enhanced knowledge and devotion of disciples but also redirected their mind towards the enlarged vision of Divine awakening and filled them with high spirits of patriotism, unity, oneness and sacrificing self-interest for greater good.

With the focus on 360-degree fitness of body, mind and soul; a Yog Shivir was organized for participants on both the days with the help of Yogasana experts performing various asanas and pranayama. Joint meditation sessions were also held post that. The event comprised of two plays; one was on life of Bharat as King during the exile of Lord Rama. Bharat considered him a mere servant when he was serving Ayodhya on the command of his Guru and brother Lord Rama. We all have been allotted roles and responsibilities by almighty but in fulfilling those duties we allow ego to takeover and draw down the expected performance which otherwise could have been achieved. The other play was on “Daan” or the act of giving. The act of giving, in form of knowledge, time, money helps us in widening our perspective towards humanity. We start appreciating and seeing a common thread of divinity among all beings. This further helps in dilution of duality and moving further towards oneness. Also, donations are also worth giving towards a true cause.

DJJS preachers Swami Narendranand Ji and Swami Pradeepanand Ji, interacted with participants via a lecture and shared the life teachings, spiritual experiences and also the guiding words of our Master- His Holiness. They guided the youth towards the challenges that could be in future while pursuing the path of righteousness and how these can be stepping stones in creating a history. The event turned out to be one of its kind stripping away all negativity and doubts and springing up powerful divine energy amongst one and all.

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