Manthan - SVK in collaboration with Rotaract Club of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce (SGGSCC) has initiated Adult Learning Classes (ALC) commencing March 2016. The formal inauguration was held on 15th March 2016 at Shakurpur center of Manthan SVK. Rotarians Mr Prashant Sehgal and Mr Shravan graced the occasion with their presence and motivated the young and enthusiastic team of the Rotaract Club of SGGSCC. The program initiated with ribbon cutting ceremony by the guests and volunteers followed by the Digital Launch of ALC software. The software support has been provided by TCS and the curriculum and study material has been provided by the Rotary International.  Rotaract club members under the leadership of Dhruv Seth, President Rotaract, SGGSCC collected funds for projector and screen to provide e-learning classes to the students and installed the same at the center.

Adult Literacy Classes at Manthan SVK

The women enrolled for the ALC are mostly the mothers of students studying at Manthan SVK, Shakurpur center which makes this initiative a win-win situation, as we call them Parent-students. The first class was held on 1st March 2016 at the Shakurpur center. The beginning of the class notices some apprehension and nervousness amongst the students which soon transformed into zest and eagerness to learn new things when motivated by the teachers.

Adult Literacy Classes at Manthan SVK

The teachers taught them the basic numbers to begin with and to see whether they recognize the numerals. The ice breaking session was fun-filled with riddles and quiz. A wave of excitement and thrill to learn was seen once a little familiarity developed between the teacher and students.

Presently, the classes are held thrice a week to maintain a balance between their personal life, their work and studies.

The program was followed by lightening the ceremonial lamp along with a prayer sung by Manthan SVK students. ALC Scholar I-cards and stationary kit was distributed to the Parent- students by Rotarians and the Rotaractors. An interesting interaction was also done with the ALC students wherein they eagerly showed their learning to the guests’ along with sharing their experiences. A Parent-student shared that ‘I was highly depressed as I cannot read, cannot write. But now, as I got this chance and this golden opportunity, my life and my vision will transform for sure. I am happy since I joined these classes. Help me and others like me to be Sakshar, so that they also live with confidence and pride’.

With this, Manthan SVK, a social initiative of DJJS under the stewardship of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji takes a step forward in the direction of improving the literacy rate of India and empowering the citizens through the power of education, making them feel pride and dignified.

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