Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised an event in Dwarka on 19 January 2014 under social initiative Manthan- Holistic Education Program. Manthan has taken an initiative in organising a comprehensive campaign in educating the illiterate students in various states. The highlight of the program was that all the students who are getting educated under this project performed various activities artistically that added color to the program. These students belong to that section of society where education is of the least importance and the students are prevented from getting developed. But after connecting with Manthan, a huge development is seen not only in their studies but in various other activities like dance, music, art, vedic chanting etc. A play with dance and vedic chanting is presented by the group of students depicting the conditions prevailing in the society. The organising preacher Deepa Bharti Ji told that around 2000 students are getting benefitted by Manthan program in four states of India. She appealed to everyone to give their support for these children in order to make their future bright. All the viewers appreciated the initiative taken by DJJS for these poor children and approximately 25-30 children were adopted by the families for one year, two year and even five year.

Annual Event of Dwarka,Sampoorna Vikas Kendra(SVK)

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