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In a poignant demonstration of dedication to the comprehensive development of underprivileged children, DJJS Manthan SVK recently held its monthly Parent-Teacher Meeting and Awards Ceremony at all its schools in March 2024. Every year, Manthan SVK eagerly reveals its annual progress, and once again, this year's declaration is filled with pride as the organization celebrates the accomplishments from all its centers across Delhi-NCR, Punjab and Bihar.

DJJS Manthan SVK Presents Annual Performance Report and Commemorative Awards

During the recent meeting, parents and teachers came together to review the progress of the children. Report cards were distributed, providing valuable insights into each child's academic journey. The discussions centered on identifying areas of growth and devising strategies to further enhance the children's development while striving for excellence in both social and academic spheres.

Highlighting the collaborative effort between parents and teachers, DJJS Preachers emphasized the profound impact of both parents and teachers working hand in hand to unlock the full potential of every child. A moment of celebration ensued as the top-performing students were recognized and commended with rewards. These tokens of appreciation not only serve as an acknowledgment of their hard work but also inspire others to strive for excellence. The atmosphere was filled with encouragement and positivity as students vowed to persist in their diligent efforts and address their challenges.

DJJS Manthan SVK Presents Annual Performance Report and Commemorative Awards

At the core of Manthan-SVK's mission lies the belief in the potential of every child. The children's sincere tribute to Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji reflects their appreciation and recognition of the transformative impact of education in shaping promising futures.

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