Some of the eminently empowered citizens with disabilities were further enlightened to restore their dignity, selfesteem and complete independence by imbibing the correct art of living with the knowledge of the self, in light of spirituality by the representative of Antardrishti, (Welfare Program For Persons With Disabilities), under the umbrela of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, founded and mentored by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji.

Antardrishti Invited at India International Center By The Silverlinings in Reshaping the Modes of Disability

In this very regard, Antardrishti was invited by an organisation, Silverlinings at India International Center for the seminar titled, "Erasing The Narrowed Spectrum Of Conceived Disability" on the 5th of April, 2015.

The session began with an overview of introducing the sector of disability, its challenges and other aspects of concern by the moderator. Likewise, some of the speakers were also invited to express their implementable impressions which can bring about a revolutionary difference with which all persons with disabilities can lead barriers free lives. In which, Sadhvi Pratichhaya Bharti ji, disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji proposed for the accomplishment of equality within the community of disability as an oughtmost necessity which is otherwise noticeably dispersed. She exclaimed, "Majority of the disabled population comprises of the illiterate and the least fortunate citizens who are deprived and displaced in the margins. Such persons too must be empowered and mainstreamed with the teachings of selfesteem and appropriate skills so that they can also lead lives of dignity and not of burden".

Antardrishti Invited at India International Center By The Silverlinings in Reshaping the Modes of Disability

Similarly, some of the speakers were also chosen to debate on the questions of love and disability. In this very context, Sadhvi ji elaborately conveyed the idea of love for the supreme which in itself holds the significance of highest order as it is eternally lasting over the worldly love tradition with reference to the authentic scriptures of the globe. A human being is the beloved soul of the supreme lover, God as it is one's aim of life.

At the end, Sadhvi ji was honoured with the award of the best speaker of the seminar.

In this way, this seminar imparted a new perspective of understanding disability to about 50 delegates with disabilities who were present there.

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