Books give a soul to the Universe,
Wings to the Mind,
Flight to the Imagination,
And Life to Everything..

International Book Fair@ Pragati Maidan, Delhi with DJJS offering logic o- spiritual content to satiate your quest of knowledge

The question and answer transpiration is not a unique episode of the present times. This practice has been pursued for eons. Our scriptures reveal many such divine meetings where inquisitives have approached and books act as the medium to answer those queries. In continuation of this pursuit, DJJS participated in International Book Fair, organized in Pragati Maidan Hall No.14, Stall No. 180, Delhi from 14 to 22 Feb 2015 to answer plenty of questions flowing daily in the mind by the inquisitives all over the world.

International Book Fair@ Pragati Maidan, Delhi with DJJS offering logic o- spiritual content to satiate your quest of knowledge

The collection contains various Spiritual Divine Books along with Scientific Spiritual Books such as MIND, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) etc. In a transient world today that spirals into the sands of time, books have been remained constant inspiration. Today book reading have become the passion of all the people from kids to adult.

Various Preachers like Swami Prabhu chaitnayanand Ji, Sadhvi Pragya Bharti Ji visited the Book Fair and gave a brief description about the activities undertaken by the organization. They explained that DJJS is firmly positioned on the platform of practical spirituality and neither believes in nor preaches any illogical ideology, dogma, creed or cult. It initiates, kindles and awakens the innate divinity in an individual without distinction of caste, creed, color, sect, faith, race, nationality or other background, to usher him into a new era of higher Collective Consciousness. Further they also explained that Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) is a social-cum-spiritual organization. It is functioning dexterously as per the Ultimate need of Humanity- Perpetual Peace and Eternal Bliss.

A feedback was taken from a person about the Book ‘MIND- a Double Edges Sword’….Learn to Fight for your Righteousness. He replied that the book kindled his imagination, his soul and mind. Further replied, that Mind is the nature of water having the tendency of flowing downwards…The waters of our mind can be evaporated and sublimated by the blazing flames of the fire of True Knowledge.

The main objective of participation was to spark the curiosity among the audience along with the concept of practical spirituality. FAQ answered various questions related to science, technology connected to religion.

Man is a rational and logical being. An incessant stream of where, what, how, why and when has, at all times, deluged his mind and intellect. These inner inquiries and- the- will to know have always accelerated his footsteps towards the zenith of development and civilization. Therefore, these series of questions is answered through various books like FAQ, Search of Truth and many others.

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