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Come summer holidays and parents start looking for various vocational, extracurricular and recreational courses to keep their children refreshed and occupied. But this is only the case wherein the parents are aware as well as able to provide such ventures for their children.

CAMP FOR CHAMPS – an exclusive summer camp for Manthanites

What about the children who do not even get proper education? Such courses and summer camps are a dream for them. Manthan Sampoorna Vikas Kendra, aims at providing education opportunities to those underprivileged children, and not only does it aim for holistic education, but also organises summer camps and extra activities for the children during summers. Under this thought by Manthan SVK, special classes were organised for 15 days during the summer holidays from 15th June to 1st July, and English language was taught in easy and fun ways through various activities and sessions like puppetry shows, art and craft, extempore, dance and music.

CAMP FOR CHAMPS – an exclusive summer camp for Manthanites

In the 18 centres situated in Bihar, Delhi and Punjab, experienced and reputed teachers were invited, who taught the students English language and worked upon driving away the fear of this language. As a result of this camp, the students have actually taken up more interest in the language and enhanced confidence is easily visible among them.

Volunteers who praised the enthusiasm shown by the children, also shared the joy and pleasure they attained in spending time with the young tots, which they couldn't find even in paid sessions. Indeed, through such camps, the children will be benefitted manifold.

During the camp, 21st June was also celebrated as International Yoga Day at the centers.

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