Under the guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, a five day Krishna Katha program was organized in Kotkapura, Punjab from 21st Nov to 25th Nov’17. Preacher Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji in her powerful discourse spoke on the life and teachings of Shri Krishna. The most enriching lessons that Lord Krishna preached through his life is registered in the holy Bhagwat Gita. Lord Krishna has explained the importance of Guru who guides an individual from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge and from death to immortality. The one who is imparted with divine knowledge by perfect master receives the path of glory and treads a path of fearlessness and righteousness.

Concept of Soul Realization and Victory over Ignorance Emulated in Shri Krishna Katha at Punjab

Sadhvi Ji said that Lord Krishna preached soul realization as the ultimate way to become victorious over death. Just as a person removes his old clothes and puts on new clothes after bath, likewise a self-realized soul gives up its torn out body and enters into a new body with ease. Therefore one should pray to Lord to make them self-realized so that death becomes as easy and simple act as changing clothes. When one is self-realized, death is not a mournful event but it becomes a cause of celebration.

Concept of Soul Realization and Victory over Ignorance Emulated in Shri Krishna Katha at Punjab

Sadguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, in the present time, bestows Brahm Gyan. Brahm Gyan is an eternal technique through which one can see a divine light within oneself. Upon meditating on this divine light, one becomes strong in the path of spirituality and goes deeper into envisioning various experiences. One can hear the divine music – Anhad Nad. This incessant flow of music flows within us at all times during our life time. The true name of God which is imbibed in our breath can be heard during the course of Brahm Gyan. There are various names of God which can be chanted but this eternal name which is present in our breath can’t be spoken and hence it is called as ‘the unspoken name’. The Holy Nectar which is the ambrosia accepted by devotees in all places of prayer is in reality a divine phenomenon happening within us at all times. On the upper part of our head there is spiritual nectar which can be tasted during the process of Brahm Gyan.

All these divine processes are described in detail in all our scriptures and holy books. Lord Krishna explained the importance of Guru to his ardent disciple Arjun in the battle field and ushers him to do his duty. He told Arjuna to not to be remorseful on the death of his fellow beings because death does not end the flow of life.

The audience present at the Katha was overwhelmed by the spiritual aura of the place. The bountiful preaching was deeply inspiring. There were counters outside the main space where volunteers who were initiated with Brahm Gyan were offering their selfless service towards the uplift of the society. There were huge slogans in the praise of the guide and perfect master Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji who could create such great leaders out of common people in the society.

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