Neither of the greatest poets, nor the excellent writers can define how gracious our spiritual master is. His love is deeper than the deepest ocean, and he cares more than a mother cares for her child. This universe, this era and the nation itself is blessed to have a revered holy master like Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji’s. Unfortunately, twenty-six letters of alphabet cannot define how blessed we are to have him as our divine master. Even the imperfection gets perfection with his divine and holy touch.

Devotees encapsulate Wisdom Bytes Nationwide at the Monthly Spiritual Congregation!

The mega congregation organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under the divine guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji’s was attended by scores of devotees all over the nation. The stage décor was salutation to the eternal peace. The Vedic hymns of ‘Rudri patth’ made the ether sanguine.  It was blessing to get showered by divine love of god.

Devotees encapsulate Wisdom Bytes Nationwide at the Monthly Spiritual Congregation!

Honorable preachers never ever fail to frame out the spiritual knowledge even with the limited span of time. The grace of our revered Gurudev has given this globe highly talented and spiritually knowledgeable ‘preachers’. 

In their devotional discourses, the preachers explained that nothing in this world actually is attached to us; it’s just their role for which the people come on this earth and in our lives to perform their part. The purpose of our life is greater than this role, which is to attain the stage of eternal bliss by Braham Gyan (divine knowledge). This unique technique is the only source to attain never ending happiness & peace. And, by means of which we can have better and broader view on our daily life issues and social issues.

These words are just not spoken for the sake of drawing people, the DJJS family always believes in having a practical realization when they talk about GOD. Because, God is matter of practical realization not just a mere theory, and as our revered Gurudev always says –You can never attain true spirituality without having a practical realization of “God”. ‘Run and Grab’ the true knowledge because time is flying with every blink of eye!

The divine program was arranged in different states of India like Pathankot (Punjab), Bareilly, (U.P), Saraipalli (Chattisgarh), Jagdhari (Haryana) .Devotees were able to basket the flowers of wisdom, faith, trust and good vibes. But, as we know everything which has started has to end, and this marvelous event was winded up with the ‘Prasad distribution’.

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