Inner Enlightenment kicks away,
All resistances of vices and negativity;

Devotional Concert @ Jalandhar, Punjab - Divine Renditions Enlighten Mind and Soul

What flows within then?

Devotional Concert @ Jalandhar, Punjab - Divine Renditions Enlighten Mind and Soul

Solely, the current of Perfection and Divinity!

The enchanting “Devotional Concert” with divine theme “Yug Nirmaan” was organised in Jalandhar, Punjab on 19 April 2015.

Surjeet Kumar Jyani (Health Minister Punjab), Bhagat Chunni Lal (Forest Minister Punjab), KD Bhandari (CPS), Rashim Mahajan (Industrialist), Subhash Sood (Pres. BJP Distt, Jalandhar), Chandrakant (Gau Raksha Pramukh, Punjab), Karampal Singh Gill (Pres. Bar Association, Distt Jalandhar), Manoranjan Kalia (MLA), Gurcharan Singh Channi (Distt. President, Akalidal, Jalandhar), Rakesh Suri (Income Tax Commissioner, Jalandhar), Viney Bublani (Corporation Commissioner, Jalandhar), Mrs Bublani (Deputy Director, Corporation Ludhiana), Pawan Kumar Teenu (MLA), Pargat Singh (MLA) marked their presence on this auspicious occasion.

Today, man is forced to breathe the air polluted by sounds that denote violence, hatred, cruelty, and wickedness. Therefore, he is fast losing the high attainments that are in store for him. The purpose of this spiritual concert was to invigorate the masses, and help them find a path to greater consciousness. Each one of the delightful, heart-warming soulful songs composed and sung by none other than DJJS Preachers enriched the audience with ceaseless energy.

Further, Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji, disciple of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji explained through her edifying discourse session the dire need of hour to walk on the spiritual path with immense faith, belief, love, and devotion.

She focussed on the power of youth as youth is the backbone of our society. Youth is the creator of destiny of the mankind. Yes, great changes can be brought by the youth- the one who has realized the immense source of energy within, to face the ordeals of all types. Unfortunately, not many juveniles today are proceeding towards the right direction. A determined youth, dedicated to right values, is an asset for the society. So, if the youth goes astray, they pose a great threat to the society and, at large, mankind.

The program was put together to make people aware of the pertinent solution to the myriad problems. Such a solution guides, enthuses, and motivates an individual, struggling to perk up his work efficiency to attain maximum output of efforts and create healthier working environment along with eradicating negative stressors from the life. By the end of the transcendent evening, the audience was fully enraptured and immersed in the waves of sanguinity.

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