Lord Krishna, Gopala, Govinda, Baanke Bihari, Murlidhar, Govardhan dhari, Kanha, etc. As many names he has, so are his divine plays. Lord Krishna, mostly known for this divine and intellect plays, incarnated on this earth to fulfil the numerous purposes. His unconditional love was the epitome for all Gokul people. His affection and intense care towards the cows sets an example for today’s people who consider cows as animal, not as their mother. He did what the world never expected, he established true religion what this world needed, his presence made Pandavas win, and his love set a benchmark which the world can never cross.

Divine Devotional Concert @ Ferozpur, Punjab - BHAJ GOVINDAM

With the purpose of sharing all those divine plays, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), under the true guidance and direction of HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, (Founder and Head), organized a grand programme of Bhajan Sandhya at Ferozpur, Punjab on the day May 16, 2015.

Divine Devotional Concert @ Ferozpur, Punjab - BHAJ GOVINDAM

The programme was focused on the learning from the various divine plays of Lord Krishna and relevance of continuous prayer for the eternal peace. Each and every thought, action and words of Lord Krishna unfolded the importance of purpose for which we all have descended on this earth. The teachings combined with melodious bhajans engaged the audience in continuous prayer towards Lord Krishna. The audience lost in the series of divine bhajans and prayed to be engaged with such Divine Naad (Divine music), for life.

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