DJJS enlightens the land of Nurmahal @ Monthly Spiritual Congregation - Power of Prayer and Devotion


Oh Lord, Grant me the Serenity,
To accept things that I cannot change..
Courage, to change the things I can,
And Wisdom to know the difference..

The real significance of prayer is to contact GOD in our Spirit and to absorb God Himself. Hence let’s pray to God, experiencing God’s Presence with sincere mind and hearts with utmost faith and belief.

With such divine thought, Monthly Spiritual Program was organised yet again on the pious land of Nurmahal, Punjab. Singing of mesmerizing, blissful, lyrical, Devotional music along with the enlightening discourse sessions were the main highlights of the program which makes one to tread the path of spirituality with gusto again.

The disciple preachers in their discourse sessions explained the importance of the human body and soul. They explained that one should always pray to GOD to keep as steadfast on the right path:

Bless me with ears that can hear your voice,

A mind that understands your direction,

Eyes that see your Vision,

Hands that will do your work,

A mouth that will speak your word,

Arms that will reach out and help,

And Feet that will walk by Faith..


At the end of the event, Community Feast took place that marked the sign of brotherhood, unity and integrity.

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