India is full of worshippers, no matter what God they worship but are very sincerely and devoted to their Gods and Goddesses. Ma Durga has a special place in their hearts. People worship them and pray for strength, courage and compassion. As Goddess Durga is seated on Lion, she is an epitome of power. She is THE holy mother who destroys ego and jealousy from our hearts. But, is singing a prayer every day enough? No one can gain the traits without first experiencing the divinity of Goddess Durga.

DJJS evoked 'Inner Shakti' through Mata Ki Chowki in Jalandhar, Punjab

A Mother has the potential
To carve a life that can outshine;
Salutes to the one who guides her child,
To tread the path of Lord Divine!

DJJS evoked 'Inner Shakti' through Mata Ki Chowki in Jalandhar, Punjab

In order to make people know about the correct way of experiencing the divinity of Goddess, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) - a non-profit, non-government and a leading spiritual organization, headed and founded by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized a program of Mata Ki Chowki on 25th April, 2016 at Jalandhar, Punjab.

The program initiated with the humble prayer at the lotus feet of Goddess Durga. Thereafter, series of devotional bhajans and prayers just compelled the audience to dance along with the melodious tunes. In some of the bhajans, audience was awestruck by the inspirational lyrics which were trying to make them understand that the supreme consciousness (Lord in the form of divine light) can be seen and the life cannot be successful without witnessing its divine kingdom within one’s heart.

The spiritual discourser of the programme- Sadhvi Manglawati Bharti Ji, profoundly explained the divine message that God and Goddesses are trying to give to the mankind through their spiritual acts. No matter, whether one worships Goddess Durga or Goddess Saraswati or Goddess Lakshmi, the divinity of that supreme consciousness is the same. God is one and it has no gender.

The ‘Shakti Jagran’ is only possible when true spiritual master of the time bestows the Divine eye to witness the Lord within one’s soul. Only then, the power which was in the dormant state inside will be manifested outside.

The program served the holy purpose of generating the spiritual spirit in the hearts of audience and encouraged each one to witness the actual “Shakti” existing within them.

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