Thousands of followers of HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji personifying their ardent discipleship by participating selflessly in the Mega Peace Event organized at Divya Dham, Delhi on 3 May 2015 from 8:30 AM to 12:30 .

DJJS organized Monthly Spiritual Congregation @ Divya Dham, Delhi - Epitome of Unity and Integrity

Captivating Highlights:

DJJS organized Monthly Spiritual Congregation @ Divya Dham, Delhi - Epitome of Unity and Integrity
  • Recitation of Vedic Hymns in Sanskrit by young volunteers- Another step towards reviving back ancient culture and tradition.
  • Singing of Devotional, Lyrical, Blissful, Mesmerizing songs- Route to Inner Peace and Ecstatic Bliss
  • Enlightening Discourse Sessions: A recipe to quench spiritual thirst
  • Community Feast: Sign of brotherhood among all the people

 Renowned Preachers of DJJS talked about a heart-felt relationship in the whole program where the disciple's selfless love for the master is the enabler for him or her to follow the LORD (aka master) to reach the truth. This love along with unfaltering trust of a disciple on his master prevents them by being disillusioned from their path of spiritual journey. It was also discussed that when disciple is duty bound selflessly, the master also doesn’t leave any stone unturned in protecting the disciple in every possible way.

 They also discussed about the declining condition of the world that mankind is leaping forward in all the walks of life but ignoring the very substratum of everything-the man himself. Just reflect upon the scandalous state of the world around you! Terror, Conflicts, Struggle etc? Directly or indirectly, it’s the man who is responsible of this condition of the world.

Therefore, in order to be a complete human being man has to refashion and remould his nature and get rid of his lower, animalistic tendencies. This in, fact needs the TQM (Total Quality Management) of mind and thoughts, which is possible by implementing some effectual strategy i.e Meditation involving direct participation of the Supreme.

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