A workshop titled ‘Awaken Your Inner Abilities’ was conducted at Glasgow, the largest city of Scotland in association with the ‘Deafblind Organization of Scotland’.

DJJS Spreading SMILES and SERENITY amongst the Differently-abled

The forte of this extra-ordinary workshop was to enhance self-healing, self-confidence and self-reliance through Self-Awakening.

Sadhvi Bhakti Priya Bharti from Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, U.K. marvelously enunciated that ‘Although various special facilities and reservations are provided for the differently-abled, still we stand far in boosting their self-morale; thereby making them self-reliant. Meditation acts as a self-help technique, which, if practiced daily can bring strikingly remarkable results in man and the society in total.’ The DJJS representatives assisted the specially-abled in doing pranayama – breathing techniques – to alleviate the mind and generate a positive aura. She also explained scientifically how this breathing technique works and help us in channelizing our energy in the right direction. The attendees cherished the whole session; this was quite evident from the serenity and the radiance that reflected through their facial expressions. After the session individual interactions had also taken place.

DJJS Spreading SMILES and SERENITY amongst the Differently-abled

Vijay Khanna & Mary Nicholas, Project Managers for Deafblind Scotland, National Health Services, U.K. were also present at the event. They not only appreciated the vertices adopted by DJJS in encapsulating an inclusive module but also had requested for another workshop to benefit the differently-abled section of the society.

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji profusely states that ‘Brahm-Gyan is the birthright of all’. Hence DJJS under the noble aegis of its head & founder also runs Antardrishti- a welfare program for the visually impaired and physically disabled persons. This program works towards social mainstreaming of the specially-abled through skill-development, employment opportunities and above all by initiating them into the meditation technique of Brahm-Gyan. It offers them the platform to be recognized as equal citizens while empowering them, by making them self-dependent, confident and self-reliant.

DJJS is committed towards societal welfare and is persistently working in the global arena. This event was an added twine carved against the backdrop of – ‘from Self-awakening to Global Peace’.

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