O Mother!
Thee, who is present everywhere,
thee who is the embodiment of power and Energy!
I Bow to Thee! I Bow to Thee! I Bow to Thee!

DJJS Stages Mata Ki Chowki at Muktsar, Punjab Triggering the Women to be Spiritually Enlightened

Women are an important part of our Society. Often they are the victims who have to face violence and abuse in the male dominated country. She being the main part of social mainstream is often ill-treated. Inequalities between men and women and discrimination against women have also been age-old issues all over the world. Women need to be empowered instead of treating them as helpless victims of male chauvinism. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) which is a socio-spiritual organization run under the mentorship of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder – DJJS) has taken active steps in this direction, the main being enlightening her in the divine knowledge of Brahm Gyan.

DJJS Stages Mata Ki Chowki at Muktsar, Punjab Triggering the Women to be Spiritually Enlightened

Recently, DJJS organized Mata Ki Chowki in Muktsar, Punjab on 25th March, 2017. The transcendental bhajans filled the atmosphere with mystical emotions. Bhajans are a way to invoke emotions, and amplify and diffuse purity in the hearts of devotees. They often bring an ecstasy of serene silence.

The orator Sadhvi Manglawati Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji stated that Maa Durga is the embodiment of the divine energy and the creative power. Maa Durga reigns as the Mother Goddess. The blessings of Maa Shakti are needed to negotiate the rough course of life. Goddess Durga has many names, many personas, and many facets. As Mahishasuramardini or Shakti, she is the destroyer of evil - with her ten mighty arms that carry lethal weapons and she triumphantly slays the demon Mahishasura. As Sati, beloved daughter of King Daksha and Queen Menaka, she gives up a kingdom and earns her father's wrath. As Kali, she turns black as the night and omnipotent, terrible in rage and fury, with just a string of skulls as her garland and her garb. As Parvati, she is serene, the pretty consort of Lord Shiva by his side in the snowy peaks of the Kailash mountain. She is Bhawani, symbol of life. She is Sati, the object of death. She is Basanti, who heralds of springtime. Durga, through all her forms, encompasses the essence of salvation and sacrifice. She is the embodiment of purity, knowledge, truth and self-realisation. The highest form of truth present in any being or Jiva is known as "Aatman" or supreme consciousness. This supreme consciousness or the absolute soul is infinite, birth-less, deathless, beyond time and space, and beyond the law of causation. Goddess Durga is the inherent dynamic energy through which the supreme consciousness manifests itself.

Sadhvi Ji narrated an interesting tale of the fierce battle of Durga with Mahishasura, a demon who earned the favour of Lord Shiva after long and hard penance. Lord Shiva, pleased with the devotion of the demon, blessed him with a boon that no man or deity would be able to kill him. Empowered with the boon, Mahishasura started his reign of terror over the Universe and people were killed mercilessly. He even attacked the abode of the gods. The war between gods and demons lasted a hundred years. In this contest the army of the gods was defeated by the more powerful demons. At that moment, goddess Durga came as the saviour & killed Mahishasura thus reliving everyone.

Further, talking about the condition of women in the society the orator said that crime against women has substantially increased and the woman as often seen as a victim. According to the provisions of the Constitution of India, it is requirement of the law to grant equality to women in the society in all spheres just like males. There are many formulating strategies and initiating processes started by the government of India in order to bring women into the mainstream of development. Despite many serious steps taken in this direction the problem still remains unsolved.

Someone has rightly said that “To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened.” This awakening is possible only through the Divine Knowledge, eternal science of Brahm Gyan which is an eternal technique through which one can practically experience and realize God. Regular practice of sadhana strengthens a person internally and helps to face all problems of life. Thus, a woman who gains a transcendental state in sadhana comes back as a celestial Yogini or Bhairavi, a female adept at Yoga. She carries the energy of Durga within her. Thus, by connecting to her inner self she can enlighten the whole world and no longer need women to stay victims. Sadhvi Ji narrated various stories from scriptures of such spiritually enlightened women.

The purpose of Mata ki chowki was successful in attaining the objective to spread awareness about Brahm Gyan.

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