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Check out the Post-Program Highlights of the 57th edition of the spiritually enriching series of Post-COVID DJJS weekly satsangs.

#DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 57th Edition | Sangati [Company] :: POWER & INFLUENCE

Streamed from Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab, the program was an insightful package, replenishing disciples' hearts with devotion and enthusiasm. Devotional recital and enlightening talks offering a soul-awakening dose to the audience created an irresistible vibe of divinity. In addition, a comprehensive spiritual discourse on the impact of company apprised disciples to beware of the fellowship of those who distract them from the path of truth, for spiritual development significantly depends upon the company one keeps.

#DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 57th Edition | Sangati [Company] :: POWER & INFLUENCE

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