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To celebrate the importance and to create awareness about protection of mother earth, every year 22nd April is celebrated as Earth day. This day was first celebrated in 1970. Now it includes events in more than 193 countries coordinated globally. Manthan-SVK, an initiative by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan also celebrated this day in all its centres to aware the children about the event. Manthan-SVK not only works on the education of the children but also on the holistic and overall development of the students.

Earth day celebrated @Manthan-SVKs to determine support for environmental protection

Multiple events were organized in the Manthan centres for the children. One such event was poster making competition in which children created beautiful posters and drawings depicting the current state of our planet and the state in which they want it to be. Children displayed so much ingenuity in the poems they scripted for the occasion. Poems successfully conveyed all the thwarting they had in their little hearts for the current state of our beloved planet. Also, they were asked to present their ideas to save mother Earth. The kids were encouraged to act upon their ideas. Even a small step is important in this direction. Various street plays and rallies were organized by the children for creating awareness in the masses about the day. Children also went to nearby houses to spread information about the importance of various types of plants. They urged the people to plant as many plants as possible in their nearby areas. Manthan also distributed various plants such as Tulsi, Neem and Aloevera etc. This event created awareness among the children as well as the surrounding areas of the centres. Children also pledged to take care of their home planet which provides them with all such useful resources.

Earth day celebrated @Manthan-SVKs to determine support for environmental protection

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