Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji spoke eloquently in the course of the five days Ram Katha program from 1st to 5th Feb 2017 organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. Narrating the story of Lord Ram meeting with the demon prince Vibhishan, Sadhvi Ji said that Vibhishan forsook his powerful brother Ravan and took refuge at Lord Ram’s feet. At that time Lord Ram addressed Vibhishan as the king of Lanka (though the actual king of Lanka at that time was Ravan). Some of the associates of Lord raised a question to that assertion and asked, “What would you do if Ravan comes to your refuge and transforms into a saint?” Lord Ram replied with a smile, “If Ravan does that, I will gladly give him my own state of Ayodhya.”  Ram was not just a human with godly traits, He was and is the Universal Principle of the world which is ingrained and resides in every human being. Hence Ram did not need the piece of land to rule, it was the land and people who needed Ram as their king. Lord Ram was not the king who directed and disciplined the land, He was the mentor and guide who directed and disciplined each of his disciples by initiating them to Brahm GyanBrahm Gyan empowers an individual to take the right decision and do the right action befitting human garb.

Eternal Message of Spiritual Bliss Delivered through Ram Katha Event at Samba, Jammu and Kashmir

The learned Sadhvi Ji further articulated that with the benign grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji,  millions of disciples all over the world have attained Brahm Gyan and have had the practical experience of divinity within themselves. Every unit of the society needs Brahm Gyan to be able to live a life of fearlessness and righteousness. A great saint had once said, “ A king should be Brahm Gyani, if king is not the Brahm Gyani, let a Brahm Gyani be the king!” Position of power can be best handled by a Brahm Gyani as only by regular practice of Brahm Gyan a person overcomes  one’s vices like anger, greed and ego, which is paramount for a leader. In the present world, Ram Rajya (a society where peace and harmony prevails) seems like a distant dream and a utopian concept. However, Satguru Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has revealed that Ram Rajya can be a reality if the most powerful positions in the country are adorned by Brahm Gyanis. Society then will head towards development in the true perspective, from all ends.  

Eternal Message of Spiritual Bliss Delivered through Ram Katha Event at Samba, Jammu and Kashmir

Outside the main event ground, a series of counters were arranged. Young volunteers manned them and they remained ready and eager to welcome the visitors to explain to them the merit of the products (producted under the management of different social projects at DJJS). The volunteers had a busy time and they handled brisk sales in an efficient manner.  The volunteers, endowed with knowledge, brimmed with enthusiasm and societal welfare was their prime concern, besides handling the sales. They remained ready to uphold the torch of wisdom which their Perfect Master has bestowed on them and it reflected in their talks and dispositions towards the visitors.

Eminent guests present at Katha were appreciative of the overall discipline and management of the organization. They expressed their gratitude on being invited to this divine Katha as they could get an opportunity to experience the divine grace and listen to the golden words of wisdom.

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