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To reinforce the timeless wisdom and spiritual legacy of Lord Ram among the masses, ‘Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’ (DJJS), with the benevolence of the divine master, His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder & Head DJJS), conducted a seven-day spiritual narrative of Shri Ram Katha from 11th to 17th February 2024 at Rewari, Haryana. Katha orator Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji (preacher disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji) articulately expounded the eternal philosophy of Lord Ram, inculcating the seeds of soulful introspection and tranquility among the devotees. Soulful devotional bhajans were orchestrated by the disciple-musicians, displaying the vibrant hues of devotion based on the eternal worship of Lord Ram. The soul-stirring discourses during the Katha were accompanied by several instances from Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas.

Shri Ram Katha reinvigorated the spiritual legacy of Lord Ram at Rewari, Haryana

Sadhvi Ji exquisitely explained that Shri Ram is a powerful king endowed with great strength, nobility, and cosmic wisdom. His philosophy inspires and resonates with people beyond boundaries across different eras, emphasizing moral values for a harmonious society. Shri Ram is beyond what the mind, heart or tongue can comprehend.

The spiritual orator highlighted that following the path of truth and spirituality guided by Lord Ram requires a constant endeavour to move the flow of thoughts towards the Supreme. A perfect master always lends divine support in various forms to uplift a devotee from the sufferings of their karma and grace them with the supreme energy of ‘Brahm Gyan’ (divine knowledge). However, in order to be capable of receiving such grace, we need to surrender our mind, body and soul to his commandments.

Shri Ram Katha reinvigorated the spiritual legacy of Lord Ram at Rewari, Haryana

In conclusion, she urged people not to limit themselves to listening to Lord Ram’s life as a tale but to try to internalize it.  She emphasized that the need of the hour is to establish Ram Rajya in the internal and external world. It is possible to imbibe the qualities of Lord Ram by acquiring ancient divine knowledge. ‘Brahm Gyan’ based meditation is the pathway to establish a permanent and eternal bond with Lord Ram. Meditation helps control the mind and makes us contribute to the objective of global peace by sowing the seeds of devotion and gratitude in us. 

At the end of the Katha, heart-filled, humble prayers in the lotus feet of Ram connected devotees with themselves. The enriching and ecstatic effect of loud chants of Shri Ram drenched the devotees in purity and divinity.

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