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“All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. This ancient proverb is still valid today. The extent to which a child can learn while having fun is far more compared to the conventional learning methods. When children learn through activities, they are far more likely to retain the information. Along with education, children also need to be introduced to other aspects of life. Summer camps play a very important role in introducing children to variety of activities such as yoga, art and craft, music, dance as well as theatre. Children learn many important skills through these activities.

Fun filled educational summer camp organized @Manthan-SVK

Keeping this in mind, Manthan SVK organized summer camps in all its 19 centres of Delhi, Bihar Punjab and Haryana from 11th to 30th June 2019 during children’s summer vacation. The theme of this year’s summer camp was art & craft, music, dance, theatre and self-defense. Mohit - self-defense Trainer (MMA, Taekwondo, Boxing, Wrestling, BJJ National-Wushu-Gold, MMA-Asia level-2nd) gave his volunteering services at Shakurpur Manthan SVK and taught self-defense to the students. Teachers tried to teach children educative things through fun activities. Such camps also help to bring forward the hidden talents within the children. Children displayed immense talent in art & craft, dance, theatre and self-defense. Dance helped the children to display their emotions in a different form. Students enjoyed the different methods of learning implied in the camp and also took joy in al activities organized by Manthan SVK.

Fun filled educational summer camp organized @Manthan-SVK

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