Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, established by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji celebrated the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima Mahotsav. The common celebration throughout all branches of the organization gives disciples the opportunity to commend true Guru, the Satguru, who is the epitome of love, grace, and righteousness determined to bring brotherhood and serenity in the world.

Guru Purnima Refueling the Parched Hearts with Devotion, Love and Resolve

The devotees celebrated their Spiritual Shepherd, His Holiness Satguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, because He has enlightened each entity with the highest practicality of the Supreme, Brahm Gyan.  He has brought peace in countless individuals, innumerable families, numerous societies, and has vowed to establish peace throughout the nation, and therefore the world. For His disciples, His Holiness is everything; His teachings are the guiding light in this life and beyond. His kindness is the remedy for this world’s wounds. With the grace of Satguru, incapacitated souls are reaching heights of devotion; degraded individuals are once again self-sustaining and vitiated spirits are once again being parlayed. 

Guru Purnima Refueling the Parched Hearts with Devotion, Love and Resolve

Although a disciple celebrates Satguru every moment, with every breath because of the priceless gifts Guru bestows, however this particular day out of the entire year applauds the Guru for bestowing the crucial technique of knowing the self. The day also strengthens the disciple to walk steadfastly and achieve the Supreme. Guru Purnima solidifies ambitions as it instills rapture into the hearts that await the event yearlong. Essentially, the Guru-disciple relationship fastens even further bringing them together spiritually. The short-lived worldly relationships fade in front of the pious eternal bond of a Guru and His disciple. Guru Purnima comes once a year to intensify the love, faith, and trust that link the two.

Under the divine umbrella of the organization, one can witness Guru Purnima celebrations throughout the nation as well as worldwide. On this day, the ashrams and sanctuaries are seen fully adorned and the volunteers are seen working selflessly.  As they hail their Guru, disciples gather to collectively meditate and offer prayers for world peace. Overall, Guru Purnima Mahotsav is a celebration, a consecrate, and a re-commendation of Guru’s continual ideology of Charayeveti, Charayeveti.

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