Usually Jagran is a ritual consisting of all-night vigil, song and dance in honour of a deity, usually Goddess Durga. Jagran is not just that, its real meaning is to awaken from the deep sleep of ignorance and to tread on the path of Divine knowledge. To awaken people from their deep sleep, DJJS organized a large scale Jagran at Hoshiarpur, Punjab on 1st April, 2017. The magnificent event was witnessed by thousands of devotees. The stage decoration was itself singing the divine saga of “Maa Bhagwati’. It was a treat to the eyes of everyone. The purpose of these spiritual sessions was to invigorate the masses, and help them find a path to greater consciousness. The Jagran was full of inspirational, meaningful bhajans and with lots of positivity. It charged everyone to get connected with the inner world, and their true inner self.  

Jagran, A Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment for Masses of Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Sadhvi Bhavarchana Bharti Ji, preacher disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Convener and Head of DJJS) beautifully narrated the tale of emergence of Goddess Durga.  Goddess Durga emerged from the combined energies of the Lord Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu, (the Preserver), and Shiva (the Destroyer), in order to battle the demon called Mahisasura. - As legend goes, the demon Mahisasura was awarded the boon that he could neither be killed by man nor God. Therefore, the presence of a feminine energy was required to massacre this demon that caused much destruction in all the three worlds – Earth, Heaven and nether world. Goddess was gifted different weapons by all the Gods. She was as beautiful as she was lethal and it was this ten-armed Goddess who went out to battle against the powerful demons. The Gods named her DURGA - the Invincible One.

Jagran, A Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment for Masses of Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Goddess Durga, a super powerful deity ‘Shakti’ is often shown as combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good. She is the fierce form of the protective mother goddess, willing to unleash her anger against wrong, violence for liberation and destruction to empower creation. She is imagined to be terrifying and destructive when she has to be, but benevolent and nurturing when she needs to be. Devi Durga with a lion in a fearless pose is known as "Abhay Mudra", signifying assurance of freedom from fear.  The universal mother seems to be saying to all her devotees: "Surrender all actions and duties onto me and I shall lift you from your all troubles ".

Each one of us also has Durga Maa inside our soul, the rage like her, and the power like her but before realizing that power inside us, we also need to join our energy and capability. It’s high time to change the mind-set and get connected with Maa Durga inside one’s soul through the Divine Knowledge of Brahm Gyan”. This science of Brahm Gyan reveals the interconnection of an individual not only with self, but also the fellow beings and nature, thereby automatically actualizing “The Global Healing Mechanism”. Brahm Gyan is a technique used by perfect masters of all the time to awaken and transform the people from ignorant to enlightened state. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), founded and headed by Shri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj Ji, welcomes you with the open arms to come and take the free ticket to the journey of divine peace. The program prepared the soil to sow the seeds of Brahm Gyan. Now it is up to us as to how to nurture it into a beautiful plant which provides peace and happiness to everyone.

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