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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under the supreme guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organised the spiritual program of Maa Bhagwati Jagran on 19th March, 2022 at Jalandhar, Punjab. The program intended to sensitise the masses on awakening shakti within, as it is the only safeguard against all evil powers. The word ‘Jagran’ literally means awakening at the level of higher consciousness. Maa Bhagwati or Shakti Jagran is about harnessing the inner energies at soul level, which is the seat of divine consciousness and is an incessant source of positivity, peace, and power for all human beings.

Maa Bhagwati Jagran Strived to Awaken the Shakti Within at Jalandhar, Punjab

DJJS as a socio-spiritual organisation is tirelessly working to bring the positive reforms in society by aiding every single individual to realise his divine nature through the science of Divine Knowledge. Verily, this inner awakening alone can pave way for higher collective consciousness and consequently achieve the objective of world peace.

Sadhvi Bhavarchana Bharti Ji, orator of the program beautifully explained various divine forms of Maa Bhagwati that manifested to fight the evil and restore righteousness in the world. She emphasised that each one of us needs to connect with this Divine Shakti innate in every human being through the ancient technique of Divine Knowledge i.e. Brahm Gyan. Thereafter, meditating on the inner Divine Light or Shakti eliminates the evils of our minds. The transformative energy thus nurtures divinity in individuals, turning them into epitome of morality, positivity, and selflessness. Brahm Gyan based meditation not only connects an individual with his Self, but also reveals the interconnection with fellow beings and every particle of nature.

Maa Bhagwati Jagran Strived to Awaken the Shakti Within at Jalandhar, Punjab

The glories of Maa Bhagwati sung through a series of devotional and insightful bhajans, elated the hearts of devotees and infused divinity in the surroundings. Congregators participated with renewed spiritual energy and lifted spirits. The Jagran program inspired the attendees to realise their true purpose of life and be steadfast on the path of truth with utmost zeal, to bring about the real positive change in the society.

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