A program titled ‘Direct Perception of the Divine Light’ was conducted at Ystradgynlais, Wales in association with the 'Temple of Light Church' on . As the title suggests, the locus of the event was a very profound revelation of “What Divine Light is and how to realize it practically?” 

Journey from Darkness to Light:  A joint initiative from DJJS and Temple of Light Church

Sadhvi Bhaktipriya Bharti and Swami Kabir ji from Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, U.K. marvellously enunciated the meaning of Divine light in our lives. They explained in detail the actual form of the GOD almighty which is evident in each one of us in the form of Divine light. It was profoundly stated that this truth of life is not limited to holy books and stories but one can actually realize it.

Journey from Darkness to Light:  A joint initiative from DJJS and Temple of Light Church

In our day to day life, just the way you need a tool, a technique to do a particular task, similarly to see Divine light within, one needs to learn and practice the technique of Brahm Gyan. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji – Founder and Head of DJJS always says “Brahm-Gyan is the birthright of all”. Preachers further explained that meditation is not simply closing of eyes but a technique where one establishes a connection with oneself instead of concentrating on any external object. Brahm Gyan provides you that technique that route you towards attainment of Divine Light. The attendees thoroughly cherished the whole session. After the session individual interactions had also taken place.

Reverend Gwenda Jones, Reverend Vivienne Killick and Dr Joan E Howell were also present at the event. They also experienced the waves of divinity sitting there and later complemented the efforts of DJJS in spreading the message of Divine Light among the human community selflessly.

The event also spread the message of ‘YOGA’ and its benefits; not only at the physical level but also on emotional and spiritual level. Yoga acts as a great stress buster and helps one to get rid of stress - a problem prevalent among people of all ages over the world. It also aids you in getting rid of negative energy so that you can concentrate and emerge as healthy and successful human being.

Preachers also emphasized the need of a perfect teacher as the key to understanding this route to Divine Light. Just the way we need a master in day to day life to learn anything new; be it studies or sports; similarly to learn and practice meditation, one needs to be surrendered at the feet of Perfect master. This ‘master-disciple’ relationship is the key to successful attainment of goal of Divine light. The response from the participants was ecstatic and the event was immensely successful since some participants were initiated in this technique of mediation as well.

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