On this 26 January, 2016 it’s been 67 years to our nation become republic. Manthanites from Haryana and Punjab centers made this national festival memorable by celebrating the events filled with patriotic vibes and tunes.

Manthan gears up for Republic Day celebration

On 24th January 2016, Manthan SVK centers in Gurgaon (Sheetla colony) and Ludhuiana (Kailash Nagar) organised republic day celebrations with an aim to build an aura of patriotism and spread awareness towards social issues prevalent in our society.

Manthan gears up for Republic Day celebration

The events included Shloka recitaions, patriotic songs, folk dances, kawalis, poem recitations, Skit spreading awareness on the need of education and much more. Manthanities gratifying the love and oblige for their sponsors gave thank you cards, well made by themselves.

This republic day program is to generate temper of sacrifice, love and passion in every citizen.
On this revel occasion, Gurdev Debi, Arvinder Arora, Kamal Chately, Arun Goyal, Jeevan Dhavan and many other Industrialists and social activists from Ludhiana were present. Also, the distinguished guests to grace the occasion in Gurgaon and motivate the children were Sh. Sharad Goel - President, Nature International, Sh. Sunderdas Agarwal –Pradhan, vaishya Samaj, Sh. RD Garg, Adhyaksh, Bharat Vikas parishad, Vivekanand Shakha, Sh. V.K Sharma, Chairman R.W.A, Sec 7 Extension, Gurgaon and Mrs. Madhulika Patel – Professor, NCERT.

In the end, Students were praised by distributing gifts by the eminent guests.

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