Manthan-SVK, DJJS celebrates World Health Day with great fervour

A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Health not only includes the food intake and physical fitness but also revolves around our state of mind, our surroundings and our spiritual life.

Manthan-SVK, DJJS celebrates World Health Day with great fervour

On the occasion of World Health Day on 7th April 2018,  Manthan-SVK an initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, taught its students the significance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, shared a few healthy habits and made them aware about the ill effects associated with junk food.

All 18 centres of Manthan SVK, undertook different activities to impart health education in the best way.

Students were taught the relevance of washing hands and brushing teeth regularly through the distribution of liquid soaps, tooth brushes and pastes. It is our duty to prevent the entry of germs in our body and avoid developing diseases.  ORS pouches were given to the Manthanites to share with them the value of drinking water. It is only through water, that we are able to eliminate harmful toxins from our body.  No doubt that junk food seems delicious to the children but it also has its relative side effects. Therefore, the dire need of eating healthy food was discussed through Salad Making activity and Community Lunch.

Until and unless, we care for our body, we won’t have a strong mind. Eyes exercises and free health check-up was conducted to ensure that each and every child takes due care of their health. Students were also engaged in some fun- filled activities on how to make tasty sprouts and other related food including fruits and green vegetables. Well, one cannot forget the impact of healthy surroundings and neighbourhood on our mind and body. The students were also made aware on maintaining hygiene in their surroundings and adapt clean living practices.

To be wise, one must exercise! It not only keeps you active but also lowers the risk of diseases. Manthanites were taught various exercises and the correct way to perform yoga which promotes inner peace. Apart from educating students about health and fitness, these plethora of activities aimed at spreading knowledge about cleaner environment and peace of mind. So, we must treat our body as a temple, as it is the only place where we have to live in till the end of our life!!

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