On 30th March,2016, 20 Manthan SVK volunteers and teachers gathered at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi as per the invitation of UNESCO, MGIEP. This eminent lecture featuring Prof. Sugata Mitra regnantly focused on the theme "Technology as a tool for education". In all 500 gathering was there including 20 volunteers of Manthan. Many more influential guests also furnished their presence along with the speaker Sugata Mitra, Dr. Kiran Singh (Chairman Governing Body Board UNESCO MGEIP), Prof. Thyagarajan(IIT Delhi).

Unsurprisingly, you all know what the technology means for us today in 21st Century. In upbringing a child, parent's prime concern is to get their child a renowned education. To provide the same impetus to the underprivileged children, the social initiative of DJJS, MANTHAN SVK, always focus on that each and every child gets more and more knowledge through the means of new and advanced technology.

There are numerous things which the volunteers and teachers learnt out of the very informative lecture and which can add more tools to make our learning environments more innovative and technologically equipped at Manthan SVK centers. The key learnings were:

       • The concept of Happy Healthy Productivity so that child will get a colossal platform to perform his/her creativity.
       • The idea of "hole in the wall" where there shouldn't be any barriers when it comes to learning / teaching / educating.
       • There should be a free exchange of ideas between teacher and the students.
       • Why to find answers, when we can encourage our child to find some questions on the given topic for the better learning.
       • Idea of SOLE (self orientated learning environments) the most fascinated of all. Opportunity should be provided to the children to learn on their own - making notes/ interviewing others (family, friends, other schools as well) / collecting information from books or any other source.

The participants were so thrilled by being part of this august lecture giving center stage to Sugata Mitra, TED winner, instigator of "Hole-in-the-wall" and "School in clouds" projects, which were remarkably struck at the success note and we heartily appreciate all.

Manthan @ UNESCO MGIEP's Fourth Distinguished Lecture

Manthan @ UNESCO MGIEP's Fourth Distinguished Lecture

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