In the midst of an attack from the vices, they are the shining light. In the suffocation of materialism, they are the benign asylums. In the closure of negativity, they are the beams of hope. Congregations for numerous events are soothing to the aching souls. They usher new hope and act as safe havens for one and all that attend. Mata Ki Chowki held in Dinanagar, Gurdaspur, Punjab on March 18, 2017 served the same purpose. Guided by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the event was organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. Supported by a team of talented musicians, Sadhvi Bhavarchana Bharti Ji, conducted the event addressing the glory of Lord in the Goddess forms.

Mata Ki Chowki in Dinanagar, Gurdaspur Empowering Women to Recognize True Potential

Attendees gained valuable insight into various incarnations of Goddesses who had one central theme to descend on Planet Earth from time to time. This central theme is of destruction of the evils that pervade the earth and burden the mankind. Sadhvi Ji explained that not just limited to a certain era, or time-line, Goddess incarnates over and over again to relieve the sufferings of her children. Manifestations of the mother divine, her plays, and the lessons behind them are all indicative of man’s internal state.

As seen in the chaotic world, the restlessness in the people, all long for the savior who can rid the calamities and bring peace. What is seen outside is also the state within individuals hence the overall condition of the world is resentful. Sadhvi Ji explained numerous incidents through the musical compositions as well as the sermon embedded in her presentation, that Mother Divine has come to the rescue of her beings whenever and wherever evil takes over. As darkness vanishes even with a speck of light, the maliciousness escapes when the divine light shines.

Mata Ki Chowki in Dinanagar, Gurdaspur Empowering Women to Recognize True Potential

Devotees of all ages attended the event benefitting from it the crucial lessons that own lifelong bearings, which can lead to transformation if one abides by them. Hundreds in number, the devotees felt bliss pouring throughout the event, and they were all drenched in the glory of Mother Divine. Some were seen singing along; others harmonized in the music, while many simply danced to the tunes, totally submerged in her glory.

Sadhvi Ji quoted His Holiness multiple times and explained that the rich modern and ancient Indian history is full of respectable, epoch setting women, who have changed the face of the country and the times. Sadhvi Ji also accentuated the fact that women must be respected in today’s world and women must also recognize their true potential that Lord has bestowed upon them. As women are part of the greater Shakti with numerous powers and abilities, the need is to only to connect to that ultimate source.

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