Monthly Spiritual Congregation: Creation and Dissolution A Novel Outlook to Whole New World!


With the auspicious grace of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, spiritual programs are spreading blissful vibes all around. The latest pearl to add to the enduring glory of DJJS endeavors was held at Nurmahal (Punjab), on 14th December, 2014. The devotees unceasing riveted invaluable inspirations from the discourse, and basked in the ecstatic oasis of devotional bhajans.

The preacher disciples conferred about the scientists from the western world, who are trying hard to find out the connection between science of the West and spirituality of the East. They further discussed about the higher state of meditation i.e Samadhi.

The aim behind the spiritual session was to build a new, celestial world, where all people dwell under the bliss-imparting shade of peace and harmony, as a single global family. A world of independent but cooperative nations that works together, hand in hand, for peace, security and freedom.

In their highly insightful discourse session, the orators voiced that one still can easily sense the air of animosity, and helplessness pervading all over and all around - despite all these efforts. The crux being, mankind is leaping ahead in all walks of life but ignoring the very substratum of everything- The Man Himself!

Every single human being needs to pay careful attention to the inner-self, since an individual is the building block of the world.

The program was concluded by community feast, Bhandra. Devotees partook not only the virtuous learnings, but also the savoury prasadam from this rapturous session.

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