“Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another” The Law of Conservation of Energy – Albert Einstein.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation: Devotees Encapsulate Spiritual Energy Yet Again at Nurmahal, Punjab

Such is the statement regarding the spiritual energy, castoff by the attendees of monthly gathering organized by the socio-spiritual & non-profit organization, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, Nurmahal, on 14th June, 2015. Further elaborating they say, as we live our daily lives we invest energy in numerous ways. Energy gets transformed and lost in the worldly affairs and, leaves one with a feeling of emptiness. Being a part of this spiritual assembly, one is spiritually charged not only to confront anything life may bring upon, but as well as progress on the path of righteousness. The motivational discourses along with encouraging and devotional Bhajans, work as a jolt that uplift the spirit within, thereby providing energy to the deviated mind and the drained physical body as well.

Practicing the ancient Indian tradition of attending periodic Satsangs, devotees were present at this congregation too, simply to seek energizing nectar for the spirit. They not only gained the energy but also took home the ability to cultivate its derivatives such as positive thinking, harmony, peace, unanimity, devotion, wisdom, care, and love. Swami Neerjanand Ji beautifully narrated the Vedic Shalokas in his discourse, providing insightful explanations with scientific approach that today’s society overlooks. He then spoke about our pretentious society is forgetting the wealth and treasure hidden at home, right in our holy scriptures.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation: Devotees Encapsulate Spiritual Energy Yet Again at Nurmahal, Punjab

Sadhvi Radhika Bharti Ji explained that all scriptural knowledge can only be learned from a perfect teacher of the time, one who himself does not just understands them but also masters the practicality behind each verse, one who himself is a living veda, shastra, and purana.

The driving force behind the occasion is His Holiness Sarv Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and His divine teachings of Brahm Gyan-the eternal meditational practice of Self-Realization. He is a true master and it’s with his teaching, such programs are possible and thousands of devotees are able to benefit from them. His ancient practice of Brahm Gyan enables one to go beyond the mind, to the spirit level and experience the ultimate ocean of bliss that lies hidden within an individual.

Concisely, the motivational congregation acts as a catalyst in a devotee’s spiritual journey, periodically supplying the feed of zeal and enthusiasm. Those who wish to progress on the spiritual route look forward to the spiritual convocations and feel immensely fortunate to attend.

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