Monthly Spiritual Congregation: Devotional Shades Coloured the Hearts of Devotees


After one month of hiatus and hustle bustle, the pious day has arrived when everyone was gathered to rehear the noble guidance of Shri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj ji. The day transforms our mind completely for the welfare of the society, and also direct us on how to attain freedom from evil habits and developing good qualities.

The marvellous stage got pious with the hymn of “Rudri path”. The preacher disciples conferred that “He who has found the supreme lord and who has understood the self, attains peace and eternal happiness in true sense”. They further discussed about relation between Science and spirituality, Self-realization and beyond death experience i.e. “Samadhi”.

The insightful discourse session also let us know that to get relived from the torturous, painful, endless loop of birth & death, it is necessary for the self to be awakened. The enlightenment of soul is only possible by seeking the company of the true spiritual master.

Boundless Devotees were gathered over venue to paint their life with the wisdom of spiritual knowledge and received pleasure and peace of mind by devotional rhythms of bhajans (inspirational, harmonious, blissful songs). Each moment was seem to be the transforming moments for the devotees. With each monthly congregation Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is coming close to their aim of “Global Peace”.

Event got completed with a large community banquet which is monthly arranged by the grace of “shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji”. Banquet in not only a large scale feast but also an attempt to unite the mankind and society.

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