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No doubt, the modern scientific age of computers has thrown us on the escalator of highly ambitious aspirations, but it has equally robbed us of inherent charms of life like sound sleep, feeling of joy, stress-free life etc. Today's hectic schedules not only over-burden mind but also lead to stress. A human keeps flowing in the ocean of life day in and day out, no matter how smooth or troublesome the path maybe. His everlasting quest for a better life triggers him to find best possible ways to live a meaningful life. Well, this attempt also empowers him to come to terms with ups and downs.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Nurtured the Seeds of Sacred Devotion in Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi

Thus, to recharge the mind of Devotees, regain their balance, gain confidence on the spiritual path of devotion, DJJS organised a monthly spiritual congregation on 30th June, 2019 at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi. The atmosphere instilled a spiritually charged energy, which was witnessed by one and all, owing to the ever-divine presence of revered Gurudev. Those who attend feel fortunate and privileged to have found such a source of spiritual vitality.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Nurtured the Seeds of Sacred Devotion in Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi

The discourse sessions explained that hardships are not the stumbling blocks; they are the building blocks. Nothing can stop an individual to achieve the Supreme Goal as Spirituality thrives in the face of adversaries which test the will power of a spiritual aspirant. The suffering of the darkest days will usher the dawn of bright phase in life and an individual needs to have patience and perseverance. One needs to live life in trials, tribulations and remain immersed in devotion, be duty-conscious and such an individual will certainly be blessed with astounding success in life.

The Guru is like a touchstone that can transform iron into gold. Even if you are incapable and incompetent, he will take you to the peaks of success and triumphs for sure. He ensures them his divine protection against the evils lurking in the society. He has the unfaltering patience even with the most obtuse, his compassion and humanity with those in trouble, his respect for all, no matter how erring that results in transformation of the individual.

 The invaluable experiences shared by the learned Preachers would surely help to bring constructive changes in the lives of masses. Every wise word out of the spiritual talk encouraged devotees to focus on the destination as such focus will empower one to face every hindrance of the path with bravery and faith. 

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